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CGTraders 3D modeling sports&hobbies design
Total awards: 6000 $
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Info & Rules

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Contest info


CGTrader - the largest 3D model marketplace for computer graphics, virtual/augmented reality/ and gaming, backed by a strong professional designer community has launched a challenge. It is balanced for the technical artists and creative designers in all of us. Exploring a new space for artists to explore and test their creative side. For this challenge, CGTrader is looking for realistic 3D models of objects typically used for sports, hobbies, games and similar leisure activities. Musical instruments, paintbrushes and other art supplies, generic sports equipment, board games figures - these are just a few examples of what you could create for this unique challenge. Think outside the box and show them how stunning 3D can be!

Number of winners







Start date

3 July 2017  -  13 September 2017







For the best model:
1st place winner: $1,500 USD and a complimentary year subscription to Creative Cloud by Adobe
2nd place winner: $1,000 USD and a complimentary year subscription to Creative Cloud by Adobe
3rd place winner: $500 USD and a complimentary year subscription to Photoshop by Adobe

For the best portfolio:
1st place winner: $1,500 USD
2nd place winner: $1,000 USD
3rd place winner: $500 USD

General rules


To be eligible and prepare your models in the right way, it is IMPORTANT to review all of the technical requirements. Here are the key ones to consider:

- Only 3ds Max and Maya formats are accepted (.max, .3ds, ma, .ma)
- Materials assigned to geometry must be Chaosgroup V-Ray Standard Material (VRayMtl)
- Scene should consist of 3D model and connected V-Ray Standard materials only.
- UV Layout (0-1 space, non-overlapping).
- Poles should have maximum of 5 edges.
- Only quads are accepted. Triangles can be used sparingly and only where absolutely necessary.

Learn more about terms and conditions: https://www.cgtrader.com/challenges/3d-challenge-sports-hobbies#section-...


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide