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The Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2021
Total awards: 12250 €
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Info & Rules

Contest info


Organised every two years, the Felix Schoeller Photo Award honours works that clearly illustrate a love of photography and exceptionally stringent demands on picture quality.


The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is divided into two categories:


• German Peace Prize for Photography – only professional photographers and filmmakers who earn the majority of their livelihood with photography or film creation are eligible for this category.


• Best Work by an Emerging Photographer – the category is open to photography or film students. In addition, those in training to become photographers and assistants to professional photographers are also eligible for entry.


Every entry to the Felix Schoeller Photo Award must consist of no less than three and no more than five individual photographs. These may form a series or be unrelated individual photos. The images must follow a concept and demonstrate how the entrant has approached the photographic subject area. A concept outline is part of the entry. It must be submitted in English and may not exceed the maximum length of 1,000 characters.



Number of winners






Start date

13 January 2021  -  31 May 2021


13 January 2021  -  31 May 2021





• German Peace Prize for Photography: 10,000 EUR• Best Work by an Emerging Photographer: 2,500 EUR


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide