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San Diego Latino Film Festival International Poster Competition
Total awards: 1000 $
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Info & Rules

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Contest info


Hello, I would like to present you the “San Diego Latino Film Festival 2018”. This is an international competition open for design professionals, artists and students from all over the world. The Festival is looking for a new iconic image that captures the essence of its annual celebration of Latino film, music, and art. The commemorative poster design should celebrate the core values of the Festival and the passion for Latino culture. Paying entry fee is not required to enter the SDLFF contest. All you have to do is submit your image. You can enter in the competition online, by clicking the green button "Join" in the top right corner. Anyone over 18 years of age can enter the competition. Winning this competition, can give the entrants a good start in their careers. Participate in online competitions to develop your professional portfolio and win prizes. The winning media will be the face of the 25th edition of the SDLFF and awarded with a prize of $1000. National and international exposure includes but is not limited to: the cover of the Official SDLFF 2018 Program book, print ads, TV commercials, social media posts and web banners. A panel of distinguished judges (composed of artists, graphic designers, and art educators) will vote on the winning poster and finalists. This is a perfect opportunity for participants to show their skills and great work. Participation offers not only prestige, but also the opportunity to win extra money for the development of passion. The Festial was born out of a desire to take a stand against the status-quo of cinema, to challenge the reigning and ever-present stereotypes about the Latino experience in movies, and to give Latino filmmakers the power of telling and sharing their stories, first-hand, about what it means to be Latino.

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Start date

15 August 2017  -  3 November 2017







The winning artwork will be the face of the 25th edition of the SDLFF and awarded with a prize of $1000.

National and international exposure includes but is not limited to the cover of the Official SDLFF 2018 Program book, print ads, TV commercials, social media posts and web banners.

General rules


Please review the guidelines below very carefully. Failure to adhere to any of stipulations made below may disqualify your submission.

You can submit your poster design online by:

a. Typing in the following URL on your browser: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/25SDLFFPosterContest

b. By sending it via www.wetransfer.com to rosana@mediaartscenter.org

Culture, movies, art, history, movement
Inviting, warm, joyful, connection, celebration
Modern, innovation.
Passion, identity, family, home, memories
San Diego – Baja California Region
Traditional, inclusive
Honoring Latino Filmmakers, movies & actors

When developing you artwork, please keep in mind that your poster design will be judged according to the following criteria:

1. Clarity and originality of message
Our judges will be looking for innovative and creative designs that illustrates San Diego Latino Film Festival’s tradition, as well as its joyful, forward-thinking and inclusive values.

2. Impact, memorability, and appeal to general audiences:
Poster design must appeal to general audiences & corporate Sponsors (ALL age groups & gender).
Poster must NOT include: nudity, weapons, offensive imagery, and derogatory text. We expect artists to exercise their best judgement in making creative decisions.

3. Unique, positive, and non-stereotypical representation of Latino Culture
Important: Your artwork must be FREE of any generalizations about the Latino culture. This includes but is not limited to: stereotypical imagery, icons specific to one country, and uninspired stock visuals.
Icons that may NOT be represented in the design include: chiles, nachos, skulls, papel picado, piñatas, cactuses, sombreros, etc.

4. Design (type, color, composition, craft)
Keep in mind this is our 25th SPECIAL EDITION.
Your poster design must contain the festival name (San Diego Latino Film Festival) and, in celebration of the 25th Anniversary, the number “25” may be featured prominently.
Colorful designs are prefered. The number “25” may or may not be silver.

5. Versatility for application on other media
Your poster design must be functional – Your design will be used in advertisements, catalogue, website and other marketing materials.

Computer graphics, as well as paintings, may be used to compose the design.

Format: JPEG, 18″ wide x 24″high, 150 DPI (RGB), 4 MB
If you make it past the preliminary round of entries, you’re also required to submit your artwork in Digital Format, 11” wide x17” high at 300 DPI (CMYK).

Artwork must include a brief description of your artwork.


Age restriction: 18 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide