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For its 17th edition, Dodho Magazine is looking for six photographers from around the world to be featured in its new print edition. All you have to do is complete the registration form and upload your amazing projects or images. Be part of this new edition that will be presented next June. Read on to get a clearer idea of the benefits that publishing your work in our print edition can bring you.

The printed edition of Dodho Magazine is an incredible promotional tool focused primarily on a professional audience. In its pages, we promote the most talented photographers, moving away from the fleeting success provided by social networks, far from the mere counting of likes and the sum of followers.

Dodho Magazine's printed edition offers the photographer a real and more selective recognition of their work, understanding that the professional development of a photographer must be based on something substantial and lasting; allowing their growth in the right direction.

The print edition of Dodho Magazine aims to give photographers the consideration their work deserves through an elegant and carefully designed medium in a purely digital age.

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28 April 2021  -  31 May 2021


28 April 2021  -  31 May 2021





Our mission is focused on discovering the best talent, promoting it and spreading it around. In this way, Dodho Magazine is distributed to the main galleries, agencies, festivals and industry professionals. It is also distributed to a wider audience through our website and can be downloaded in digital format from other associated websites.
Through our magazine, you will get your work to reach expert and professional hands directly and in record time. From Barcelona to Los Angeles, from New York to Dubai, our magazine will offer you new professional opportunities in the short, medium and long term. Our printed edition acts as a lever, multiplying efforts and focusing all possible resources into an incredible edition.


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