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jumpthegap 2021 – Roca International Design Contest
Total awards: 32000 €
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Info & Rules

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The 10th Roca International Design Contest – jumpthegap® 2021 has been announced. The contest will once again promote the creativity and talent of students and professionals.

Starting with its 10th edition, jumpthegap® proposes its participants the challenge of developing creative solutions that respond to the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The competition will award 4 prizes of 2,000€ for the winner of each category and 8 prizes of 500€ for the 1st and 2nd runner up of each category. The best of the best project will be selected from the winners of each of the 4 categories and will receive a prize of 5,000€.

In its first eight editions, jumpthegap® compiled avant-garde and conceptual solutions to the challenges of the bathroom space of the future. In 2020, a special edition was launched with feasible projects focused on sanitation, hygiene and well-being amidst the pandemic. Now, and starting with the 2021 edition, the competition poses a new challenge to young architects and designers from all over the world: to come up with realistic solutions for the bathroom space that respond to the transversal goals set out by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Some of the new goals proposed by the competition are health care and hygiene, the preservation of the planet, the respect for biodiversity or equal access to technological advances. For this reason, the jumpthegap® is now divided into four new categories:

  • Wellness & Health
  • [Un]neutral design
  • Water & energy
  • Crisis & emergency

The final goal for all participants is to design a product or service that solves any of the goals included in the 2030 Agenda, providing added value to innovation and being technologically feasible.

jumpthegap® is a biennial International Design Contest promoted by Roca since 2004 with the collaboration of BcD Barcelona Design Center and aimed at creative people who think towards the future, whilst designing today.

Number of winners







Industrial Design

Start date

28 April 2021  -  3 June 2021


3 May 2021  -  3 June 2021





There are 4 prizes of 2.000€ for the winner of each category.
There are 8 prizes of 500€ for the 1st and 2nd runner up of each category.
There is 1 prize of 5.000€ for the best of the best project, selected from the winners of each of the 4 categories
All taxes on the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner, regardless of his/her jurisdiction. The winner may be responsible for taxes that are applicable according to Personal Income Tax, Non-resident Income Tax and according to the provisions of international treaties.
Consequently, the winner, by accepting these legal bases, is aware of the tax consequences of any kind that might result from claiming the prize and Roca takes no responsibility for such cause.
Additionally, winners and finalists will receive a jumpthegap® official digital diploma and a digital label to be used on communication channels.
If at any time before the payment of the prizes, the organization of the contest learns that any of the awarded projects does not comply with any of the conditions established in these legal bases, (i.e. because it is not an original project or for other reasons) the concerned project will be disqualified and the following runner-up will move up one position in the winner's rankings. If any of the prizes cannot be awarded because there are not enough substitute winners, such prize will be declared void.


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Available for citizens: Worldwide