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Abandoned Buildings (Virtual Exhibition)
Total awards: 1000 €
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Buildings of the past remain empty, standing alone, narrating stories to anyone who has the time or the mood to listen to them. Each building a different story, yet the same as the final result remains the same. We are interested in seeing abandoned buildings from different parts of the world.

Send us 5 of your best shots in order to participate in the new digital contest launched by Blank Wall Gallery. The first 3 winners will receive a total of €1,000 Cash

Choices Announced: Until Monday June 7, 2021 Virtual Exhibition: July 2021 – September 2021

Number of winners






Start date

5 May 2021  -  3 June 2021


5 May 2021  -  3 June 2021





€1,000 for the artists who will gather the most votes.
1st winner €600
2nd winner €250
3rd winner €150
All the photographs that will participate in the voting process will appear at the Blank Wall Gallery web page, the same way all our exhibitions are presented.
All works will have the chance to be sold from the virtual platform directly (no commission taken by BWG).
The 3 first winners will receive a Certificate indicating their position.
Positions 4 – 6 will receive a Certificate of Honorable Mention.
All photographs will be presented on a virtual exhibition through a highly visited international platform.
The 6 distinguished artists will receive a Winner’s Logo to be used online and on printed materials.
The photograph of the 1st winner and the names of the 6 photographers who will be distinguished will be sent to all the contacts of Blank Wall Gallery via newsletter.
The 6 distinguished photographs and the names of the photographers will be presented on Social Media by Blank Wall Gallery.
Publication of catalogue on Blurb (to view online or acquire the printed version). 


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide