Graphis' Poster Annual 2020
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Experienced photographer with over 15 years of shootings.

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Graphis is committed to present and promote the work of exceptional talent in Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration. In addition to the Platinum, Gold, and Silver winners, Graphis also embraces rising talent, all of whom have an equal Archive presentation.

In our hardcover Annuals, Platinum and Gold winners receive full-page exposure, Silvers are also presented and all Merits are listed. Up to 500 entries from each competition are included in the online archive for future reference, where everyone gets the same presentation.

Right now, we are presenting the Poster Annual 2020 Call for Entries.

Take a peek at the requirements and enter now for the chance to be presented to a broader audience and win an acknowledgment prize.

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Graphic Design


Print Design

Start date

25 July 2018  -  22 January 2019


25 July 2018  -  22 January 2019


22 January 2019  -  22 May 2019



•   Platinum and Gold winners each receive a full-page presentation in the Annual. •   Silver and Merit Winners are also visually presented.•   Winners can be easily accessed on our website and are filtered by category and geographic origin. •   Up to 500 Platinum, Gold, Merit and non-Merit entries are permanently archived on our website. •   The first image in a series will be the presentation image. •   Submit early for greater exposure and a possible blog promotion.

General rules


Entry Guidelines

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP Professional Membership: $75

Members:Single Entries: $75Series Entries: $150
Non-members:Single Entries: $150Series Entries: $300
Please note that the above pricing information applies only to our Annual and certain Non-Annual competitions. Pricing for other competitions, such as Logo, Letterhead, and Typeface Design, may differ. Membership discounts are br>not applicable to the New Talent Annual.
Up to 500 Platinum, Gold, Merit and non-Merit entries are permanently archived on our website.

Image Requirements

Accepted File Formats: JPEGSuggested compression: 10Resolution: 72 pixels/inchIf landscape:Make the width: 960pxIf portrait:Make the height: 680pxFile size maximum limit: 5MbMode/Depth:RGB, 24-bits (8 bits per channel)Color Space: sRGBCMYK vs RGBWe require RGB. Please do not submit entries in CMYK, as they will not work on our platform. Only entries that are selected for print publication will require high resolution images in CMYK. Image Entry TypesSingle Entry: A Cover of a Book, Brochure, Magazine or Annual Report, etc., or a single Ad, Photograph or Poster that can stand alone and properly represent your project. Series Entry: This is a Book, Brochure or Annual Report, etc., with a cover and up to six interior spreads. A series is a Poster, Photograph, Branding or Advertising Campaign of up to 7 images, all of the same subject matter. We also encourage a Glamour Shot. Video Entry InstructionsTo submit a video, commercial, or motion graphics entry, paste the video's URL link from If the video is not yet uploaded to, visit the site and follow Vimeo’s uploading instructions. After the video is processed and published on, simply copy the video's URL link and paste it into the space provided. Presently, we can accommodate only videos hosted through CreditsPlease provide full and accurate credits. † Required Credits: You must fill in required credits in order to submit an entry. The Main Contributor is the leader on the project submitted. If a submission wins an award, the name(s) of the main contributor(s) will appear with the artwork in the book. Everyone involved in the project is credited in the back of the book. The main contributor’s name should also be listed under their actual title (i.e., Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, etc.). Add Additional Credits: You can search for additional credits and add as many as you choose. Student entries may include imagery from other sources, but please cite them by adding "Image Source." Location: Please choose your country. If you are submitting from the US or Canada, please provide your state/province as well. CommentaryImagine you are talking to a client. Make sure that your explanation is clear and thorough. Your explanation is important to our viewers, some of whom may be potential clients. Our suggested format: *Assignment: The project and its goals *Approach: Creative process & solution *Results: Success of project and/or the client’s reaction Incomplete EntriesIncomplete entries can only be saved for a week. Within that timeframe, entries may be completed by returning to this page. Entries not completed before the deadline will be lost. Physical EntriesWe don't require physical entries to accompany your digital entry; however if you feel your entry has a tactile quality that will be essential to the judging process, you may submit the physical piece. All physical entries must have a cover letter attached with the designer's name, the competition for which the submission is intended, the title of the project and the agency or firm title (if applicable).


Age restriction: 1 / 100

Available for citizens: Worldwide