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The Shape of Things
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Added by Sophia Brighton

Experienced photographer with over 15 years of shootings.

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The rhythm of surfaces, lines, and values is for me the essence of photography; composition should be a constant of preoccupation… an organic coordination of visual elements. – Henri Cartier-Bresson    

The term composition means ‘putting together’ or the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole - often adhering to compositional principles that make a work of photographic art more appealing or intriguing to viewers. These principles include the development of rhythm, movement, contrast, balance, unity, proximity and continuity to create expressive and compelling compositions – while emphasizing different visual, social, or political concepts.                                                              

Praxis Gallery seeks the submission of works of art that explore composition as a fundamental aspect of the photographic aesthetic – be it pure visual formalism or in support of thematic objectives. All genres, capture types, black & white and color, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

Theme | The Shape of Things

Number of winners






Start date

30 July 2018  -  26 August 2018


30 July 2018  -  26 August 2018


26 August 2018  -  10 September 2018



Thirty images will be selected by the juror for exhibition at Praxis Gallery.
A Juror’s Choice award, two Honorable Mentions and a Directors Choice award [for the most cohesive and compelling series of images submitted] will be awarded and featured in the exhibition, the printed show catalog and the online show gallery.
Award winners will receive a free show catalog.

General rules


Digital Submission Format 
Submissions are accepted as digital files through our online submission form. Please prepare your files as follows:   
(a) File Format. Images must be saved and submitted as Jpegs. 
(b) Image Size. Images must be 72 dpi. Image must be 1024 pixels or less on longest side. Images must be 4MB or less. 
(c) File Name. Name image file as follows: ImageTitle_by_FirstName_LastName. Example: MyPhoto_by_Amy_Johnson.jpg.
(d) Please contact us with any digital formatting questions at info@praxisgallery.com


Age restriction: 18 / 100

Available for citizens: Worldwide