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Happiness ONTHEMOVE Contest
Total awards: 3000 €
Join 10 €

Info & Rules

Contest info


As with all previous editions, the 8th edition of our Happiness ONTHEMOVE contest, promoted by Cortona On The Move festival and partnered with Consorzio Vino Chianti, features happiness as its central theme.

Development of the theme is left to your own personal vision, creativity and sensitivity. Photographers are asked to reflect upon the theme, avoiding a purely literal interpretation, and developing the multifaceted sides of the concept. 

Happiness is suspension, surprise, a story that resonates inside you, often for no reason whatsoever. Happiness is action, it is stillness, it can be just a look, or maybe an entire lifetime. We’re not looking for easy smiles or stereotyped images. We want to see true happiness in your stories.

The aim of the ONTHEMOVE international prize is to amaze the jury with a tale of unexpected, astonishing happiness. Participants are invited to submit works that develop the general theme of the contest in an original manner.

The winner of Happiness ONTHEMOVE will receive a prize of 3,000 euros plus exhibition space in the subsequent edition of Cortona On The Move, in 2020. The winning project will be awarded and projected on the evening dedicated to projections during the inauguration period of COTM 2019.


Start date

11 March 2019  -  14 April 2019


11 March 2019  -  14 April 2019





The winner will receives 3000 € plus exhibition space in the subsequent edition of Cortona On The Move, in 2020.

General rules


Each project submitted should include:
- A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 images. 
- Each image should be in Jpeg format, colour or B&W, 800 pixels on the longest side, a resolution of 72dpi and a max file size of 2 Mbs. 
- You must retain a corresponding, high resolution file of at least 10 Mbs per image which we will ask you to provide us with if your application is accepted. 
- Each file should be named and sequenced as follows: SIRNAME, FIRST NAME INITIAL, SEQUENTIAL IMAGE NUMBER (for example: James Frey will name his files: FREY_J_001.jpeg, FREY_J_002.jpeg, etc.)
- Title (of your project)
- A written presentation of your work in English (maximum 1000 characters including spaces)
- Bio in English (a brief written biography, not a CV)


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide