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We are moving towards an era of augmentation. Wearables, smart devices, and e-textiles are new solutions for future hybrid generations of interconnected humans and devices. The higher level of interaction is producing new paradigms, raising novel questions, imposing different habits, shifting economies and politics. Through technology, we are on the verge of a change in the perception of our habitats, ecosystems, bodies, social behaviours and interactions.Defining the future is a Design Challenge.The Challenge of RESHAPE V focuses on future applications of Wearable Tech and Smart Products, inviting creative minds to predict new trends, elaborate novel solutions, and recalibrate existing markets in the direction of more sustainable models.Our goal is to redefine contemporary devices towards a new generation of cognitive nodes, connecting us to our habitats and ecosystems.


Reshape Competition  Jury Panel is composed by:

BEHNAZ FARAHI - Architecture, Fashion and Interaction Designer.

JULIA WEEMS - IED Barcelona - Fashion Director
ALBERTO LOVISETTO - Moncler 3D Project Coordinator

Number of winners







Industrial Design


Textile Design , Product Design

Start date

11 April 2019  -  26 August 2019


11 April 2019  -  26 August 2019


2 September 2019  -  26 September 2019



Reshape V edition will shortlist three winners, respectively from the Wearable technology and Smart product category.  Additionally, two honourable mentions will be nominated for each category. The first winning designers will be awarded two scholarships* (value: 6.200 Euro) for the Design for Wearables postgraduate at IED Barcelona, and a financial prize up to 1.000 Euro. Moreover, all selected talents, winners and honourable mentions, will have the chance to participate in Reshape Forum, with a free ticket pass at INDUSTRY From Need to Solution Event (overall ticket price: 400 Euro) . At the Reshape Forum, designers will meet relevant industry leaders, presenting their proposals to the INDUSTRY and Reshape audience. Additionally, shortlisted projects will be showcased at Reshape Exhibition and invited to the Reshape Networking night.

General rules


We look forward to receiving project proposals aimed at questioning, in a constructive and creative way, the role of technology in the definition of new paradigms for your society. Whether applicants decide to address the nature of social relations, the sustainability of our models of production, or the emerging necessities resulting from the technological change, bridging a gap between the human and the digital is one of the core tasks. The divide between innovation and human, environmental, and social development is only apparent – at least potentially, or theoretically. On a mission to reconcile these salient dimensions of the human experience, project submissions are expected to envision future needs promoting new products, predict market trends and novel ways of interaction, and build on rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing to produce custom solutions.In a changing world, cognified devices carry the answers to some of the most pressing challenges posed to our customary norms and ways of doing things. Truly revolutionary projects should then design solutions that improve our lifestyle, without forgetting about the scalability proper of new, distributed market models.  


Age restriction: 20 / 60

Available for citizens: Worldwide