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You are a starting influencer or are you just active on social networks, forums, Reddit or Youtube?
This contest is for everyone who is active on the internet!

Price $1500 and one-month promo on our big website!


Experience what it's like to work for a larger company and start your career. Unleash your potential, create post on a social site, YouTube, Twitch, community forums, websites - wherever you think. Do what you enjoy and direct people to our site with your unique link.

If you succeed and bring more people than other competitors - you get a huge sum of money and a monthly promo on our homepage with more than fifty thousands of visitors a day!

Boost for your career is here!

You start like one small influencer - end like a BIG ONE!


Register in our site:

Create a unique UTM link and start working!

More information is on our website and PDF tutorial!

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Start date

15 September 2019  -  15 October 2019


17 September 2019  -  11 October 2019


17 September 2019  -  11 October 2019



$1500 instantly after win a competition
One month promo on our homepage:

General rules


If you would like to take part in our campaign, let's proceed in the following way

1. The campaign is starting in the beginning of each month (we will keep you informed about everything).
2. Register here:
3. Save the generated UTM link and use it for your promotional content. Make sure that people use this link so we can track the results! No other link will be valid in the competition.
4. You could create any ad/content that would encourage your audience to visit and use P2P Guru - it could be intro in YouTube video, sharing a post on social media, write article in your blog, all more things combined!
5. In the end of the month, we will compare the results and we will announce the winner on all our channels!
6. For the next month, just enjoy your price or try to win again.


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Available for citizens: Worldwide