Friend-Ship Photography Award
Total awards: 1000 €
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 You are invited with open arms to enter Youmanity’s Annual Photography competition. Both amateur and professional photographers welcome - submission is free. The theme, this year, is ‘Friend-Ship’. 


This award celebrates friendships and encourages you to connect with friends or re-connect with long-lost friends, relatives or anyone you have not seen in a while but has always been there for you. 




“Those who find a friend find a treasure”


Friends are vital to our lives and for our mental health. It is often through friends that we learn the most about ourselves. We go on incredible journey with friends and survive adversity standing by them. Through time


we develop important emotional connections, which give us the courage to show who we really are on the inside. A good friend, therefore, is a patient gardener, willing to nurture in times of need as much as


celebrate in times of joy. According to the World Health Organisation, every year 800,000 people take their own lives, and many more attempt to. Isolation is a main reason for suicide, feeling misunderstood and


alone. Friendship, togetherness, and connection, then, are as vital as ever.



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Start date

21 September 2019  -  25 October 2019


21 September 2019  -  25 October 2019





The Friend-Ship Photography Exhibition will showcase the top 20 entries at the English Parliament 2-5/12/2019. The winning portrait will be awarded £1,000 cash prize.

General rules


Your photographic entry
Through photography we would like you to celebrate friendship and the friends to whom we owe so much. Friend-Ship encourages you to pick up your camera and take a portrait of that special person or capture a moment, which embodies this treasured connection. 
The Friend-Ship Photography Exhibition will showcase the top 20 entries at the House of Commons 2-5/12/2019. The judges are looking for visual impact, originality, and sensitivity. The winning portrait will be awarded £1,000 cash prize.
The submissions will be selected by the following judges: 
Anne Williams - Documentary Photography Historian
Aris Kourkoumelis - Asst. Curator of Photographs - The Royal Collection Trust
Brandei Estes - Head of Photography, Sotheby's
Max Houghton - MA Photojournalism Lead, London College of Communication
Michael Pritchard, Director-General, The Royal Photographic Society
Neil Kenlock - Social documentary photographer
Priya Nagda-Swainson - Suicide Prevention Worker - Papyrus
Steve Macleod - Director, Metro Imaging
Renée Mussai - Curator, Autograph ABP
The closing date for entries is 25/10/2019 - Winners announced 11/11/2019
To upload your photographic submission is free - 


Age restriction: 18 / 101

Available for citizens: Worldwide