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HIPA Photo Competition 2020-2021 Humanity
Total awards: 120000 $
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Info & Rules

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Life on our planet now… is not the same as when we launched the Ninth Season of our competition!

New developments and changes, spreading across all continents of the world, are forcing us to reconsider our way of thinking and our behavior. Throughout this time, humanity has emerged as the ever sustainable security blanket comforting us all; capable of inspiring positive and tangible changes.

To transform the word ‘Humanity’ from letters on a page or a word that is uttered and let it come to life through the lens of a camera brings to the surface a myriad of emotions for a photographer; challenging them to embrace and inspire through their creative eye for our Tenth Season of competition.

In addition, this season offers the photography community the creative space to combine their artistry and talent in grasping the multi-layered aesthetics of our newest category titled ‘Architectural Photography’; both modern and ancient architectural icons. This is the chance for photographers to capture the splendor of the interiors and exteriors of architecture from their own perspective.

Returning for another season will be the ‘Portfolio’ category. This category once again demonstrates its strength with some of the most fascinating submissions throughout the years of competition. Similarly, the ‘General’ category is back and is set to delve into the creative minds of photographers, allowing them to express themselves through black and white or coloured submissions.

Number of winners








Start date

1 November 2020  -  31 January 2021


1 November 2020  -  31 January 2021





HIPA's appointed judging panel shall assess and determine the winning Photo(s).The results, prizes and the winners will be announced in 2021.
The winner(s) will be contacted by HIPA and must provide HIPA with their bank account details and personal details within seven (7) days from HIPA's request. The cash money prize(s) will be paid to each winner within a period of two (2) months following the announcement of the Competition's results.HIPA’s judging panel has the right, at its absolute discretion, to turn down or reject any Photo(s) or Submission(s) without having to give any notice or explanation to the relevant Participant.Any federal, state/ provincial/ territorial, and/or local taxes, fees and surcharges and taxes (whether foreign or domestic, and including income tax) on any prize that may be awarded to you under the Competition will be solely paid by you.The decision of HIPA's judging panel is final and binding on all Participants in respect to all matters relating to the Competition.
HUMANITY1st $20,0002nd $18,0003rd $16,0004th $10,0005th $6,000Portfolio (Story Telling)1st $25,0002nd $22,0003rd $20,0004th $18,0005th $15,000GeneralBlack & White1st $15,0002nd $10,0003rd $5,000Colour1st $15,0002nd $10,0003rd $5,000ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY1st $15,0002nd $13,0003rd $11,0004th $9,0005th $7,000Special AwardsPhotography Appreciation Award $20,000The Photography Content Creator Award $15,000Emerging Person/Organization in Photography Award $10,000 


Age restriction: 18 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide