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Silent Manga Audition Contest 2021
Total awards: 9000 $
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Info & Rules

Contest info


The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® has launched its 15th manga competition, in a bid to locate, develop and debut the next stars of international manga into the Japanese manga market.
Topic :
The theme of this edition is “Moments of CRYING, SMILING and LOVE”. Tell your story through images alone.
CRYING: We cry when we are upset and in pain; when we laugh and even when we’re unbelievably happy! Crying is perhaps one our most versatile signs of unmasked emotion that shows our true selves. An honest and endless source of manga inspiration.
SMILING: If crying shows our honesty, then smiling is our mask! Yes, we smile when we are happy or amused, but smiling can be a sign of an altogether darker nature. Can you build a story around a smile of happiness, or a smile of menace?!
LOVE: Love is a universal human theme, complex and bulging with emotion. From the bronze age Fall of Troy and the tragedy of star-crossed lovers, to an endless list of romcom movies, love is the timeless emotion that has launched a thousand stories.
 Requirements :
_ Number of pages: 5 – 17
_ Manuscript: Reading order from the right to left, monochrome only.
_ All digital drawing tools are welcome in SMA (Clip studio, Manga studio, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Medibang, Paint, etc).
_ Image format: JPG or PNG format
_ File size: 1 file 2 MB or less
_ Image file name: Add serial number at the end
_ Resolution / Dimension Size: Up to 300 dpi / 4000 px x 4000 px
here is no entry fee to participate!
Participation in the competition is completely free Requirements
Deadline : January 27, 2021
Who may enter ?
The competition is open to anyone.

Number of winners





Graphic Design

Start date

1 December 2020  -  27 January 2021


1 December 2020  -  27 January 2021





• Grand Prix: ¥500,000
• Grand Prix Runner-Up: ¥300,000
• Excellence Award: ¥100,000
• Exellence Runner-Up: ¥30,000
• Honourable Mention: ¥10,000


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide