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Info & Rules

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Contest info


Hello, I would like to present you the “ Chromatic Awards” 2017. The contest is open to photographers. Chromatic Awards is an international competition of color photography open to both professionals and amateurs. Every photographer from all over the world is invited to participate in the 1st edition of this international photographic competition dedicated to color photography. Paying entry fee is not required to enter the contest. All you have to do is submit your image. You can enter in the competition online, by clicking the green button "Join" in the top right corner. 20 categories will be judged by an international jury composed of magazine editors, gallery curators, professional agents and other industry professionals. Winning this competition, can give the entrants a good start in their careers. Participate in online competitions to develop your professional portfolio and win prizes. This is a perfect opportunity for entrants to show skills and great work. Participation offers not only prestige, but also the opportunity to win extra money for the development of passion. By taking part in the competition, Chromatic Awards accords you a chance that is otherwise fleeting or nonexistent in other platforms. Being noticed can help further your career path and give additional experience and opportunities previously denied from you.

Number of winners







Start date

8 August 2017  -  27 September 2017







2017 Grand Prize is $2.000 for Professional Winner and $1.000 For Amateur Winner.

This year’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners along with the Honorable Mentions handpicked by book editors from both the Professional and Amateur levels will likewise be published in our Chromatic Awards Annual Book.

General rules



Anyone over 18 years of age can enter the competition with the exception of employees of Chromatic Awards, their associated companies and employees of any company chosen to sponsor prizes for the competition. Judges are not permitted to enter into the competition.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Copyright of the images will remain at all times with the photographer.

Images will be used strictly in connection to the awards and will not be used for any other marketing purposes other than to promote the contest and Winners. Images will not be resold or used by any other third party. If there is a request for such, we will forward that request to the photographer via e-mail.


Abstract Architecture Cityscapes Conceptual Documentary Fashion Fine Art Landscape Macro/Micro Multi-categories Nature Nudes People Portrait Photojournalism Photomanipulation Street Travel Urban Wildlife


Age restriction: 18 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide