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Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2018
Total awards: 10000 €
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Info & Rules

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Contest info


Hello, I would like to present you the “Toyota Logistic Design Competition 2018”. This is an international competition for students. Paying entry fee is not required to enter the contest, it is free to enter. All you have to do is submit your project. You can enter in the competition online, by clicking the green button "Join" in the top right corner. Applicants can enter individually or in teams of up to three members. This is open contest to university design students and recent graduates (2017) of an accredited European university. Winning this competition, can give the entrants a good start in their careers. Participate in online competitions to develop your professional portfolio and win prizes. Near 25 million packages are delivered in Europe every day and current delivery processes are nearing peak efficiency, with little room left to improve. This is a perfect opportunity for entrants to show skills and great work in industrial design. Participation offers not only great prestige, but also the opportunity to win extra money prize. Now is the time for a logistics design revolution. Share your original and sustainable solution for improving the last mile of the package delivery process. The best project will win a prize of 5000 Euros; second prize is 3000 Euros and third prize 2000 Euros. Public votes will award an exceptional project with a special "People’s Choice Award" of 1000 Euros. Additionally, winners will have the chance to apply for a 6-month (paid) internship at "Toyota Material Handling Design Center" in Europe. The organizers are seeking for visual concepts that demonstrate quality and clarity incorporate the Toyota heritage and its values, plus concepts should also be innovative and environment - friendly.

Number of winners





Start date

10 August 2017  -  22 October 2017







The best solution will win a prize of 5,000 Euro, second prize is 3,000 Euro and third prize 2,000 Euro.

Public voting will award an exceptional idea with a special People’s Choice Award of 1,000 Euro. Additionally, all winners will have the opportunity to apply for a six-month paid internship at Toyota Material Handling Europe Design Center.

General rules


Submissions should consist of the following:

Concept title
A short description of the concept (max 150 words)
A presentation of the concept in PDF format
Photo of yourself or team (viewable to the public)
If you are selected as a finalist and invited to develop your concept further, we will additionally ask you to upload a single image to represent your concept. As a finalist you will also be able to submit optional documents of your concept in 3D, animations or video files.

Your file submission for the concept’s description should adhere to the following rules:

Surprise our judges with a visual concept that demonstrates quality and clarity throughout your design. Make sure to incorporate the Toyota heritage and its core product values and meet the judging criterias. The concept should also be innovative and environment-friendly.
The submission should consist of a single revolutionary design concept for package delivery, including visual sketches in PDF format (max 4 pages including cover page).
The work should be presented in A3 landscape layout and include a detailed description of the concept in English.
Only one entry per participant/team is accepted. Each participant/team can register only once.
Submissions must be the applicant’s own creation, must not be in production and must not have been previously published or exhibited.
For team entries, members must nominate a leader and contact person. The team leader is responsible for sharing the prize.

Terms & Conditions

When registering an account, it is necessary to accept Sqores'(operated by Student Competitions AB) Terms & Conditions, which apply for all competitions organised by Sqore or Student Competitions AB.

These include:

All users must provide submissions that the user has created him/herself.
All users must provide personal information that is truthful and accurate.
Student Competitions reserves the right to exclude users at their sole discretion.
The winner is solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to the acceptance of the prize.
Intellectual Property Rights

The applicant warrants that the work submitted is his/her own creation and that the work does not include nor infringe any third-party intellectual property rights.

The applicant grants Toyota Material Handling Europe an exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, unrestricted right to use the work free of charge for any purpose.

The applicant grants to Toyota Material Handling Europe an exclusive option to, by April 27, 2018 acquire the intellectual property rights to the work. If Toyota Material Handling Europe does not exercise the option, the intellectual property rights shall be vested in the applicant and the applicant shall be entitled to use his/her work as of April 27, 2018.

The applicant acknowledges that the know-how, which is already within Toyota Material Handling Europe when the work was submitted or, which at a later stage and independently from the work will be developed by Toyota Material Handling Europe or, which Toyota Material Handling Europe otherwise benefits from, can be used without restrictions and that such use will not infringe the applicant’s intellectual property rights.

Use of the Applicant’s Personal Data

Toyota Material Handling Europe will use the personal data you submit in connection with the competition for
 the purpose of administering the competition and evaluating the work. If you have any questions with regard to the use of your personal data or want to amend your personal data, please contact Toyota Material Handling Europe Design Center at designcompetition@toyota-industries.eu.


The applicant hereby undertakes to keep secret and not to disclose to any third-party, and not to otherwise use the work submitted in this competition under these terms and conditions.

The applicant acknowledges that any disclosure to third parties of the confidential ideas included in the work may jeopardise the possibilities for registering the intellectual property rights to the work. In the event that the applicant has disclosed any such confidential ideas to third parties before submitting the competition entry, the applicant undertakes to inform Toyota Material Handling Europe immediately of the nature and extent of any such disclosure.

This non-disclosure undertaking shall remain valid until Toyota Material Handling Europe informs the applicant that Toyota Material Handling Europe will not exercise its option to acquire the intellectual property rights to the work according to section above.

No Reimbursement or Employment

Applicants are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs. The applicant’s participation shall not constitute employment, assignment or offer of employment or assignment.

Commercial Authorisation

By taking part in the competition, the finalists authorise Toyota Material Handling Europe to use their surname, forename, university name, photo and work for any commercial purposes.


Age restriction: 18 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide