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MakeDox 2021 – Creative Documentary Film Festival
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The MakeDox International Creative Documentary Film Festival has opened submissions for 2021 and calls all filmmakers around the world to participate in its competition programs.

Documentary films of all running times are eligible for submission. Topics, style and production technologies are not limited.

For this 12th edition of the Festival, winning films will be selected in five competition categories.

The MakeDox 2021 festival program includes the following sections:

  • Onion — for Best Film in the Main Competition Program
  • Young Onion — for Best Film by first or second-time director
  • Onion Seed — for Best Short Film
  • Sliced Onion — for Best Student Film
  • Moral Approach — for the film with best ethical approach

The Festival focuses on creating a stimulating environment for the exchange of experience and knowledge of documentary creation and promotion of films with cinematographic quality, offering the creative point of view of an author, both in terms of content as well as in form. Priority is given to national, regional and foreign premieres.

MakeDox is organized by the citizen’s association MakeDox. The 2021 festival is scheduled for 19-26 August, 2021 in Skopje, North Macedonia.

MakeDox 2021 – Entry Fees

The early bird deadline is 21st February 2021 and entry fees are discounted for submissions before it expires.

  • Earlybird deadline (from 21st of January 2021 till 21st of February 2021)
    • Main Competition Program: $17
    • Newcomer Program: $12
    • Short Program: $7
    • Student Program: $5
  • Regular deadline (from 21st of February 2021 till 15th of April 2021)
    • Main Competition Program: $25
    • Newcomer Program: $20
    • Short Program: $15
    • Student Program: $10
  • Late deadline (from 15th of April 2021 till 5th of May 2021)
    • Main Competition Program: $30
    • Newcomer Program: $25
    • Short Program: $20
    • Student Program: $15

Number of winners










Start date

26 February 2021  -  15 May 2021


26 February 2021  -  15 May 2021





The Awards
Young Onion Award
For a story of the human condition and people literally facing their own mortality, with the loss of opportunity of creating a legacy.  The socio political themes of this film are urgent and timely, and a testament to future generations. This film greatly resonated with us. We are very honored to give the Young Onion Award to the film, The Tunnel.
Special Mention:
A brave experimental sonic journey of a slowly dying medium throughout the world. A documentary of persistence and keeping hope alive. We would like to give a Special Mention to the film Speak So I Can See You.
Best Moral Approach Award
Reasons of the final decision of the Moral Approach Award is the ability of the movie to capture and powerfully to present one of the main questions in contemporary life – do the  states trying to protect people or they are trying to deprive them of freedom and put them in the system?
In a modern society we our surrounded by rules and regulations created to improve our health and to grant a better life.
“Acasa, My Home” manages to portrait a situation where we end up wondering how much these “good intentions” effect other’s people life and what is truly good at the end.
Onion Seed Award
The Student Jury of Makedox 2020 would like to award director Josip Lukić and his team for its capacity to tell a story in a deep and only apparently simple way, introducing the audience in the daily life of the protagonists without judging but with exceptional empathy and compassion.
THE REX WILL SAIL IN creates a portrait of a struggling single mother of three children who works eleven out of twelve months under illegal conditions on a cruise ship abroad. The film succeeds in creating an excellent elliptically told dramaturgy, making it a strong example of the social realist tradition of filmmaking. Every image is carefully chosen, every scene resembles a fragment and all pieces add up to a unique look at contemporary Croatian society facing near complete capitalist exploitation and precarious living conditions.
Main Onion Award
The jury enjoyed watching ten exceptional films, made by ten exceptional filmmakers and we would like to congratulate the selection team of
Makedox for a wonderful program. We watched films that took us around the world and also showed us diversity in genre and in style,
a wide spectrum of what documentary film can be.
As we reached our final deliberation, we were impressed by several films, but we were – unusually – in complete agreement and one film
appeared at the top of each of our lists. It was not difficult at all to decide despite the great value of all the other films. It was a film that
could not be left out or ignored, which brought our various feelings and preferences to a consensus.
The winner is Epicentro by Hubert Sauper.
In Epicentro, Sauper lends us his eyes, we see Cuba through them, and we experience it with all the complexity of his fascination with the island
and its people, with their daily reality, and with all the symbolism of their existence throughout recent history. Through his observation, invention
and analysis, Sauper has created a work crafted to the last detail, an architecture of emotions, with a rare stylistic coherence. Sauper manages to
offer us a seamless viewing experience. Furthermore, it is a film that puts us face to face with questions of our recent geopolitical history, of past
and present, and poses questions of representation and misrepresentation, of the right to represent … and leaves us enchanted and uncertain at
the same time.
Sliced Onion Award
For its originality and creative use of audio interviews combined with a unique visual approach, the Sliced Onion Jury Award of the MakeDox Film Festival goes to Maija Bläfiel for The Fantastic. The emotional, short documentary centers the unheard voices and undiscovered worlds of North Korean refugees. The jury also appreciated how the conversations around cinema and media, in the film, spoke to the individuals’ complicated emotional lives, self-perception, identity, futurism, and concepts of reality.


Age restriction: 18 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide