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Refresh Art Award 2021
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Info & Rules

Contest info


Refresh Art Award 2021 is now open for entries!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The Refresh Art Award 2021, an international biannual contemporary art competition has been recently announced for entries, this year accepting two dimensional artworks, sound and sculpture from artists all over the world.

The Refresh Art Award 2021 is an international biannual contemporary art competition open for entries that invites all artists older than 16 to participate.The Refresh Art Award was set up in 2017 as a biannual art award to showcase contemporary artists who were making art about the world around them, and not just fruit bowls, flowers and hyperreal portraiture that sells.This year oragniser will be accepting two dimensional artworks, sound and sculpture. There is no set theme as this award was designed to be a snapshot of contemporary creative work now, and led by what artists are making each time. Artists may submit up to 4 works.Exhibition dates will be held from 4th - 7th November 2021.
Submission requirements:
➜ Maximum size limit of 2 metres.➜ Work may be framed or unframed.➜ Work must be ready to install.
The winners will be announced on 4th November.

Who can participate? 

The Refresh Art Award is open to all artists older than 16.
Entry fees: The fee for 1 entry is £10 ($15 USD) and £6 ($9 USD) for each subsequent entry.

Number of winners






Start date

11 May 2021  -  2 July 2021


11 May 2021  -  2 July 2021





A curated selection of shortlisted artists will be invited to show their work in a London in November 2021. The main prize is £3,000 ($4250 USD). The Drawing Special Mention will receive £300 and Prize for Art of Our times will receive £300 ($425 USD). Every entry will gets a place in the promoted online gallery until December 2022.    


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Available for citizens: Worldwide