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Europan 16 Norway Living Cities
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Europan 16 Norway Living Cities is now open for entries!


CALL FOR ENTRIES: Europan Norway recently has announced its international idea competition Living Cities, providing architects, landscape architects and planners under the age of 40 a unique possibility to contribute to the important discussion of the evolution of the European city.


Europan is an idea competition recently opened for enetries that brings together European cities and young urban and architectural design professionals under the age of 40. This competition is aimed to contribute to the important discussion of the evolution of the European city.

The competition offers cities and developers new and innovative solutions to local urban planning and development and provides an opportunity for young architects to get commissions by presenting new ideas.

We are between the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis, and seeing the contours of a health crisis that is likely to well outweigh the direct impact of the pandemic. Europan Norway has won the trust of four Norwegian municipalities that want the emerging generations of practitioners to point out how their communities can prepare for the future. The Norwegian towns looking to the international community for exchange and new ideas to develop the following Living Cities: Haugesund with Risøy, Levanger with The Wooden Town, Nesodden with Fagerstrand and Ringerike with Hjertelia.

Organiser ask participants to demonstrate how these towns and places can set an example with designs and strategies to help prevent social and ecological collapse. The challenge is to show how we collectively can create vital towns and villages based on social and environmental justice.

The teams are tasked with creating sustainable towns in which we can live and work in the future must embrace cross-disciplinary approaches and innovation. The demand to consider the natural environment and biodiversity is more present than never before.

The entries are judged by national juries composed of specialists in the fields of architecture and urban planning.


Who can participate? ⇣

Europan is a competition for students and young professional architects, landscape architects and urbanists under the age of 40 years.

Entry fees:

Registration on one site costs 100 Euro. This includes access to the complete site folder download section and also covers the printing costs now taken in charge by the National Secretariats.

Number of winners






Start date

12 May 2021  -  17 September 2021


12 May 2021  -  17 September 2021





The 1st prize winners will receive 12,000 Euro and working commissions with the selected Norwegian municipalities up to 1,5 million Norwegian Kroners.

General rules


Age restriction: / 40

Available for citizens: Worldwide