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Salão Design Award 2022
Total awards: 15000 $
Join 35 $

Info & Rules

Contest info


Salão Design Award 2022 is now open for entries!


CALL FOR ENTRIES: The Salão Design Award 2022, promoted by the Furniture Industry Union of Bento Gonçalves (RS), launches the campaign for its 24th edition, open only for furniture projects and invites all students and design professionals and related areas to participate.


The Salão Design Award, now in its 24th edition, is the Brazilian furniture design award organized by SINDMÓVEIS – the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves, held every two years. The furniture design history in Brazil and Latin America cannot be told without a chapter about the Salão Design Award – the major Brazilian furniture design award, established in 1988 by the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis).

This project was set up in the heart of Serra Gaucha to meet the early demands for innovation of the local furniture industry but it soon gained the national and international scenario, having massive participation of Latin American competitors.

More than a showcase of trends, the Salão Design Award is an integration channel between designers and manufacturing companies, rewarding talent and taking to the market products with competitive edge. During its 30 years of history, there has been more than 15,000 stories told by the 15,000 projects entered to this date. The Award’s objectives are:

➜ To encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and technological innovation through design
➜ To enhance the skills and talent of professionals, students, manufacturing companies and retailers of the sector through different kinds of awards
➜ To encourage the use of design to add value to products in order to improve their competitiveness in the global market

The 2022 Salão Design Award is only open for furniture projects, with no categories for accessories and lighting.

The Judging Panel will consist of professors, design journalists/critics, representatives of manufacturing companies with renowned experience and professional designers, supporters and partners of the present competition.

The award ceremony and product show of the Salão Design 2022 Award will take place at Movelsul Brasil, in March 2022, in Bento Gonçalves. The winners also participate in another exhibition next year, during the São Paulo Design Weekend.


Who can participate? ⇣

The award is open to students and design professionals and related areas.


Entry fees:

Entry fee starts from US$ 35 for Foreigners and for Brazilians is R$ 140.

Number of winners





Industrial Design

Start date

14 May 2021  -  31 August 2021


14 May 2021  -  31 August 2021





There is a total of R$ 80,000 ($15000 USD) in prizes, in addition to honorable mentions.


Age restriction: 18 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide