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Black and White Photo Awards 2022
Total awards: 2000 €
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Info & Rules

Contest info


Black & White Photo Awards is a contest created with the intention of recognizing and rewarding talent in this discipline, with 5 Thematic category to show your creativity as a photographer:

  • Architecture

  • Street

  • Fauna and Flora

  • Portrait

  • Landscape


Black and White Photo Awards 2022 brings you the chance to win one of 23 prizes, including the €1,000 for the absolute winner. More than €1,700 in prizes for the best photographs and 15 honorable mentions thought to be grateful for the talent, the effort and the hard work done by monochrome photographers from all the world’s countries.

Looking for reward your amazing and creative pictures, we have a special award for creativity and 5 prizes for the best photograph in each contest category. If all this is not enough for you,  Haida has collaborated with us given us another amazing award: KIT 3 HAIDA ND FILTERS valued at €300.

 This contest is open for professional and amateur photographers from all the worldwide, winning photos will have international recognition and they will be able to show our Black and White Photo Awards hallmark on it.


Some of the best professionals in black&white photography have joined us to form our jury. They’re putting up their knowledge, experience and professionality at the service of this contest, just looking for the best images and finding our photo awards winners. With them, professionals from Haida and the team of NCJ Media Solutions, are working to find the right winner for each one of the categories at our black and white international photography contest.



Our jury is composed by high level photographers such as JULIA ANNA GOSPODAROU, CHARLES PAUL AZZOPARDI and JOEL TJINTJELAAR.



The prizes will be: 

  • 1000€  absolute winner
  • 100€  best category photo
  • 200€  special award to creativity
  • HAIDA kit 3 filter
  • 15 honorable mentions


Age restriction: 18 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide