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The Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB), which celebrates its tenth edition in 2019, is expected to undergo significant changes, especially in regard to its “international competition”.


Major Changes Ahead for Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2019!

▶ 7Major Changes ahead for International competition 2019

- The artists offered individual exhibition space.

- Round-trip shipping fees for the selected artist covered by GICB

- All selected artist invited to GICB

*If you want to know the other changes, please visit our website:


The upcoming edition of the Biennale will present diverse programs such as the academic symposium and workshop in a comprehensive, multi-tiered format within the framework of the international competition, as opposed to the past in which the biennale hosted programs individually.

The GICB International Competition 2019 – as an exhibition showcasing the present and trends of global ceramics and acting as a gateway for newly emerging artists to acquire a presence in the global art scene – will offer diversified support programs that will help artists expand their worldview.

We’d like to ask for your enthusiastic participation in International Competition 2019!


Number of winners







Ceramic & Glass

Start date

1 October 2018  -  31 October 2018


1 October 2018  -  31 October 2018





-Invitation of all exhibited artists (40 nominated artists + 10 online exhibition artists) to GICB Round-trip air ticket and accommodation are provided.
-Opportunities for invited artists to participate in workshops, symposiums, and local networking programs
-Opportunities for (a number of) artists of Korean nationality to participate in foreign residency programs
-Round-trip shipping fees for the art works of offline exhibition
-Awards to seven (7) main nominees to be granted during exhibition period.
-Total Cash Prize (7) KRW100,000,000(≒93,222.00USD)
-Grand Prize (1) KRW50,000,000(≒46,620.00USD, includes purchase price)+GICB2021 Solo Exhibition

General rules


Artists from all parts of the world are welcome to submit works, both artistic and practical, made from clay (ceramics) or made with the theme of clay (ceramics)
▶Category  There are two categories
• Ceramics as Expression
    - Creative artworks, including sculptural works, objects, or installation works, that can be displayed indoors
    - Video (Film), sound, performance, or viewer-participating works with clay (ceramics) as subject matter
• Ceramics for Use
    - Ceramic works in the form of a vessel, even if they were produced as artworks and do not serve any practical function, are categorized as “Ceramics for Use”
    - Creative ceramic works with practical functions or design elements
※ Including tableware, teaware, lighting, accessories, and home décor objects
▶Condition for Application
• There are neither age nor nationality restrictions.
• Applicants may apply as an individual or as a team (One (1) team is equivalent to one (1) individual applicant).
• Applicants must submit a portfolio with works created within the past three (3) years. 
     ※ Portfolio must include at least one (1) entry that are available for exhibition.
     ※ These one (1) entry shall not have previously received an award in another competition, either domestic or international. 
     ※ Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in disqualification in the screening process. In the event that an award-winning entry is subsequently revealed to have failed to meet the above requirements, prizes may be retroactively reclaimed. 
• Exhibition space of each individual artist shall be no larger than 500cm (w), 500cm (l), 250cm (h).
▶Official Languages
• All documents and the proceeding shall be in Korean and English.
▶How to Apply
• Period : October 1 (Mon) – 31 (Wed), 2018
• Method : Online submissions (
• Submission Requirements : Artist profile, exhibition proposal, portfolio (10 images; format: JPG; resolution: 300 pixel or above; artist’s statement), exhibition floor plan, installation guidelines
※ Portfolio must include at least one (1) entry that are available for exhibition.
※ Detail images of works may be submitted, but they will not count toward the total number of entries in the portfolio (max. 10).
※ Video and media art entries must be submitted through the online application website with still-cut images and original files.
※ Entries involving sound media must be submitted through the online application website with original files and mark that it is a sound media.


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide