Sony World Photography Awards 2019
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Contest info


The Sony World Photography Awards is one of the most celebrated and diverse photography competitions in the world. Now in its 12th year, it aims to showcase the best contemporary photography worldwide. The Awards are free to enter and open to all levels of photographer, from emerging 12-19-year-olds, enthusiastic hobbyists, and students, to established professionals. There is a competition and a category for everyone, from Architecture, Documentary, Landscape, Portraiture, Sports, Street Photography, Wildlife, Travel, Culture, and more.
The four main competitions are:
Professional - 10 categories judged upon a body of work (5-10 images)
Open - best single images across 10 categories
Youth - young photographers aged 12-19 responding to a brief with a single image
Student - for anyone undertaking a full-time photography course
The awards offer an unparalleled opportunity for exposure for photographers at all stages of their career and are known worldwide by industry leaders. The images are judged by the World Photography Organisation and a specially selected jury from the World Photographic Academy which is made up of the photographic industry's most esteemed individuals.

Start date

4 June 2018  -  11 January 2019


4 June 2018  -  11 January 2019


12 January 2019  -  31 January 2019



The Awards have brought untold reward and recognition to those involved and each year offers a 30,000 USD in cash prizes plus the latest Sony digital imaging equipment.
Moreover, from the winners of the 2019 Professional categories, Sony will award multiple grants of 7,000 USD to selected photographers to pursue photographic projects of their choice. In addition, shortlisted photographers from the Student competition will each be given 3,500 USD to work together on a new photographic commission set by Sony and the World Photography Organisation.
All category winners plus many of the shortlisted Awards photographers will be exhibited at the annual Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in London and then toured internationally. The images will also be published in the annual Awards winners’ book and all shortlisted and winning photographers are given global exposure via dedicated marketing and press campaigns.

General rules


Rules depend on the type of competition you join in, however there is no entry fee to enter in any of them.
Professional is free to enter and open to all.
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  • Judged on a body of work across 10 diverse categories
  • Photographers must submit a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 images
  • 1 overall winner, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + up to 10 shortlisted photographers per category

Open is free to enter for all photographers.
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  • Rewarding the best single images across 10 diverse categories
  • 1 overall winner, 1 winner and up to 15 shortlisted images per category

Youth is free to enter for everyone aged 12-19.
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  • A single image responding to one brief
  • 1 winner and up to 10 shortlisted images

Student is free to enter for anyone undertaking a full-time photography course.
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  • Institutions must be registered for their students to take part
  • 1st challenge to submit 3-5 images / 2nd challenge to submit 5-10 images
  • 1 winner plus up to 10 shortlisted photographers

  You can only enter one of the following competitions: Professional, Open or Youth.


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide