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Taipei International Design Award 2018
Total awards: 127000 $
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Info & Rules

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Contest info


Organised by the Taipei City Government, the eleventh edition of Taipei International Design Award is now open for entries.

Creative designers, teachers and students of design schools and people with design passion from around the globe are invited to submit design works, to be publicly selected among international design works, as well as serve as creative design exchange platform to discover creative works with commercial potential.

You are encouraged to use universal design to improve the city's economic, social, environmental, and cultural development by providing its users with a safer, harmonious, and more convenient lifestyle.

There are three main categories:

Industrial Design (works that can be mass-produced, including transportation tools, equipment, daily utilities and household goods, IT and home appliances, fashionables, etc.)
Visual Communication Design (identity, posters, packaging and publications)
Public Space Design (spaces for public usage, governmental buildings and certain private establishments)

Moreover this year, for the first time, a cross-category “Inclusive Design Award” will be set up, with the theme of playground equipment or playgrounds.

Number of winners




Start date

25 April 2018  -  25 July 2018


25 April 2018  -  25 July 2018


25 July 2018  -  19 August 2018



The total award amounts to 3,800,000 NTD (approx. 126,900 USD).
There are 33 total awards by the organizers, along with sponsors awards that will be determined, according to the sponsors.
Awarding: http://www.taipeidaward.taipei/en/explain7.aspx

General rules


Entrants in this competition should upload files that contain design sketches for any of the given 3 categories of this contest, design concept description and an agreement of “Intellectual property Rights Disclaimer” before the registration deadline. All files should come in the formats of jpg, png, bmp, under 3MB in size and 1190 x 840 pixels in resolution.
Entries should not be marked with creators, authors or companies’ names or other symbols/codes that will impair the selection fairness; violation will lead to disqualification from the competition.
All Rules: http://www.taipeidaward.taipei/en/explain5.aspx


Age restriction: 1 / 100

Available for citizens: Worldwide