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Nature Photographer of the Year 2018
Total awards: 25000 €
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Info & Rules

Contest info


“Nature Photographer of the Year” contest 2018 is the name for the formerly known successful Nature Talks Photo Contest. This is the 3rd contest and second as NPOTY.

This contest always have superb entries and they will be judged by famous nature photographers, photo-editors, editors in chief etc.

Organizators of the contest prepared 9 categories, a (free) youth categorie and the “Fred Hazelhoff Portfolio Award”.

Feel free to submit and we hope to see your images between the finalists.

Share your passion!

Number of winners







Nature Photography

Start date

28 June 2018  -  5 August 2018


28 June 2018  -  5 August 2018


28 June 2018  -  5 August 2018



In each category the jury will determine a winner, a runner-up and 3 highly commended. The winners of a category will receive €500 in prize money (in cash). The runner-ups will win prizes worth €250 (in products). The highly commended photographers receive the honour and an encouragement. The winner of the youth category will receive a prize worth €250 (in products). The runner-up in this category will receive a prize worth €125 (in products).
In addition, from the 9 category winners the jury will choose one overall winner who may call himself or herself Nature Photographer of the Year 2017 (NPOTY). Next to the category prize, the overall winner will receive a prize to the value of €2,500 (in cash). This will give the overall winner €3,000 in prize money (in cash)! 
All awarded images will be shown in the exhibition at the Nature Talks Photo Festival and in a travelling exhibition.
Besides all these prizes, there is the Fred Hazelhoff Award for the best portfolio. The winner receives a sum of €1,000 (in cash) as well as a bowl (award).
Total prize money will amount to €25,000, of which many large cash prizes, and many attractive photographic articles. We will give a continuous update on the prizes, so that there will be an upgrade for the winners next to the prizes already mentioned.
The award ceremony will take place during the Nature Talks Photo Festival 2018 on Saturday 10 November 2018 in the Reehorst in Ede, The Netherlands. 


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Available for citizens: Worldwide