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What are you designing posters for? Are you designing for environment protection, education, water safety, child protection, or any other global issue? Are you designing for social awareness, or maybe you are designing posters for yourself. What is the role of poster design? What are the challenges to poster designers? To answer these questions, we need to step back and think about how we understand and consider poster design.

These days, with the world’s most critical problems increasingly catching people’s attention and vehemently debated, poster design has become more and more influential in making changes and will definitely be more powerful in the future. The Poster for project is a call to action—show your attitude on poster design and let your audience know what you are designing posters for.

Designers all around the world, including students are welcomed to participate, and there is no limitation in terms of age or nationality. The Poster for competition is completely free for entry. The selected posters will be featured on the Posterfor.com and relevant social media. Winners will be exhibited in following international exhibitions.


The primary competition:

A. Poster for Climate Change

The secondary competitions:

B. Poster for Child

C. Poster for Ocean Protection

D. Poster for Education

E. Poster for Water


Number of winners





Graphic Design

Start date

26 June 2018  -  20 September 2018


26 June 2018  -  20 September 2018


26 June 2018  -  20 September 2018



All awarded designers will receive an Award Certificate. ​The selected posters will be featured on the Posterfor.com and on the social media, and will also be exhibited at following international exhibitions.  

General rules


Submit and Technical Requirements:

  •     Poster must submit to email address info@posterfor.com
  •     Email’s details must include: name, age, gender, country, email address. The subject of the email must be "Poster Submission".
  •     File name: Name_Last name_ Country_ Name of Poster_A/B/C/D
  •     The number of submissions is unlimited.
  •     All files and emails should be filled with Latin letters or Chinese letters.
  •     Submitted posters should be vertical format of jpg or pdf, and sized 70 x 100 cm in 200 dpi. Maximum size of file is 20MB. The color mode must be CMYK.
  •     Do not accept Zip files


Age restriction: /

Available for citizens: Worldwide