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Thornwood Story Writing Contest: Part 1
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Info & Rules

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Contest info


FanStory has been helping writers of all skill levels to get feedback for their writing and become a part of an online writing community. It represents an unparalleled source of writing tips, challenges, and contests. In terms of the latter, a member of FanStory is now organizing a Story Writing Contest open to writers worldwide. This competition is planned to hold a total of 7 series, each with a different main topic, writers can write on.

The idea is that by the time Part 7 of this competition will be over, participants might create one whole story that could later be published as one. The topic for the first contest is Setting. Read more in the rules section to learn how can you use this subject.

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Start date

1 July 2018  -  31 July 2018


1 July 2018  -  31 July 2018


31 July 2018  -  7 August 2018



The contest winner will win the full prize pool. The prize depends on the number of entries in this contest. Each entrant brings additional member dollars to the prize pool.

General rules


For this contest, you are required to write a story themed around the topic. The topic is "Setting". Additionally, by entering you agree to these conditions and terms:

  • The story can be based on the meaning a setting has in relation to a story, or any alternate definition.
  • You are also allowed to remove it up to one step away. For example, "setting - a place where something belongs" may be taken to "not belonging". If you do this, please explain in your author notes how you got to where you did.
  • It is fair to use the author notes to explain how your story fits the theme.
  • Maximum length is 7000 words.
  • No minimum length.
  • In this contest at least 5 submissions must be made for the vote to begin.



Age restriction: 1 / 100

Available for citizens: Worldwide