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Added by Sophia Brighton

Experienced photographer with over 15 years of shootings.

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The works that will take part in this exhibition will represent a continuum of that dialogue between the visual arts and the arts of movement, dance and performing arts, made manifest since their first developments and in which the art history has found an essential bond. From the plastic arts of Canova to the pictorial ones of Matisse, Degas, and Impressionists, to the performative experiences of the neo-avant-gardes documented through photographs and videos during the 60s / 70s, as no less are the testimonies expressed by the dance world starting from Martha Grahm and Merce Cunningham.
Even the gestural component in general finds in this call an important channel of expression, where the body language is subjected to new analyzes that investigate the behavior and lifestyles of man in the modern age.

This event is organized by LoosenArt and invites artists to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme. The best amongst the entrants will receive the chance to take part in the Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy, February 2018.

Number of winners






Start date

19 July 2018  -  15 November 2018


19 July 2018  -  15 November 2018


16 November 2018  -  15 December 2018



The winners, selected by LoosenArt, will receive confirmation e-mails when the jury makes a decision. This e-mail will follow up with additional instructions what is necessary (if the artwork needs to be sent, matters about presence during the exhibition or else).The number of winners will be further announced.

General rules


To enter for the chance to take part in an exhibition in Italy, you should enter a minimum of 1 image of your artwork or up to 3 different. You should provide titles for the artworks and description as well.Accepted media types:

  • Photography
  • Digital Graphic
  • Digital Visual

Only IMAGE files are allowed with up to 3MB size restriction for each image.After the jury selected by LoosenArt discloses the winners that are going to the exhibition, the latter are required to fill in a Form for Selected Artworks where additional details for the artwork should be given (such as year of realization and medium), along with artwork price, if any.Additional questions will be answered personally (through e-mails) by LoosenArt.


Age restriction: 1 / 100

Available for citizens: Worldwide