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Now you Can Discover The Secret Military Fighting System Developed By A Guy From The Parachute Regiment Who Fought With The SAS In Sierra Leone, for FREE!
-Enter in this contest, to get the chance of winning the R.A.I.D.(Rapid Approach Intensive Destruction) Military fighting system dvdset, Published by the Uk based publishing company NAP!(New Approach Publishing.)

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18 August 2018  -  18 September 2018


18 August 2018  -  18 September 2018


18 August 2018  -  18 September 2018



The RAID military fighting system dvdsetThis dvdset is featuring An individual(Luke mannion) with over 10 years of martial arts experience,.– Now, this guy has been very effectively, used by the UK military back in the day…So, Luke decided to develop this new fighting system, adapted from the military onto the streets!all with the purpose of being…EASY to learn, EASY to remember, and EASY to perform as well as not requiring a very athletic body to perform, because as , Luke says it himself, on the dvds,..“if you've been marching a couple of miles with a heavy pack on your back and you get attacked by the enemy, you haven't gotten that athletic ability, your fitness is already deteriorated due to what you've done, the other key point with the raid system is that every move as to have a high percentage of success.”Entire set valued at £127 or $177! Read all about the product, at this link: http://www.ukfightlab.com/RAID/

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