Create a technological test of the Many Worlds Interpretation of physics
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The many worlds interpretation of physics (MWI) is sometimes known as Everttian theory.

The contest is to describe a new technological experiment that can actually be accomplished to refute or verify the many worlds interpretation of physics.

Work not previously published in a journal is ok.  


Here is an example, based on my own ignorance:

It is possible that the generation of new universes, from the MWI, could have some effect on vacuum generation of energy and/or matter at the casimir effect. 

Using the same technology that fits over 1 trillion features onto a piece of flash memory an array of 1 trillion casimir plates is produced.  Then various experiments are done on the surface of the casimir generator, such as illumination with a laser to provide a quantum event, or exposure to particle radiation.

The casimir IC could also have a few billion photon detectors on it so as to measure the amount of energy produced from the casimir effect at the plate. These planar detectors could also provide a 2D or better view of modified casimir effects surrounding a central event. It is possible that the numeric analysis of casimir effect durations and the increase or decrease of casimir effect products could be as important as a spatial detector.  It is possible that along with the laser activation of a point area to produce a quantum effect that illuminating the entirety of the casimir array could then looked at over time for numeric effects.

What to look for:  A numeric trend that suggests that far outside of chance, a quantum event causes increase or decrease of the products of the casimir effect.

Prior material: I think I may have read at Scientific American that bubbles and/or negative curvature in the cosmic background radiation are suggestive of the MWI having an effect.



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14 October 2018  -  14 December 2018


14 October 2018  -  14 December 2018


14 October 2018  -  14 December 2018



The contest to produce a test of the Many World Interpretation (MWI) of physics has an award of $100 via Paypal.  If Paypal does not work well for you I can mail you the money.

General rules


All contest entries remain the intellectual property of their originators.  It is likely a web page, video, or other interpretive expression of the contest entries will be produced.  The expression containing your contest entry will be public domain. Credit will be given for all ideas received.
Another ongoing MWI contest I started is to produce a technological test of the MWI with the reward being two candybars.  Along with the $100 the winner of this contest will also get two candybars.
Participants are encouraged to publish their new MWI test online approximately simultaneous to contest entry.  Write it up as a Quora question, make a Youtube video. Would you dare to post it at Stack Exchange? Get your new idea out there.  However, it is not necessary to simultaneously publish your idea to enter the contest.
I am new to the voubs platform.  It is my impression you can submit entries via a voubs form.  If not, just email your entry, and supporting files, to
What an entry eligible to win consists of:
I must believe your technology is possible and affordable.  (excluded example: orbiting gravity wave detector)
In the absence of a workable technology, a winner will not be announced.
The contest may be renewed:
This first contest is for 2 months. That way you get your money more quickly.
If there are no adequate entries the contest will be renewed.  
You may have already won!
Interestingly, if the MWI is true, this is one contest you have already won.  


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