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Let’s Play

First Levels

In the beginning of our game, your top priority is to go from level 1 to 5.
For passing from level 1 to 5, you will have special tasks on each level called Level Quests. There are hints how to complete your quests.
After that you will have many other features unlocked.
Upgrade to next profile level now. It`s so easy

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Level 3
    Comment media
    Vote for media
  • 4
    Level 4
    Comment media
    Write Additional Info in your profile
    Vote for media
    Add media to favorites
  • 5
    Level 5
    Invite friend to VOUBS
    Invite user to contest
    Favorite contest
    Read article

Level Quests

The quests that you currently need to complete, have numbers next to the progress bar which show how many times you did the action and how many times you need to do it.
If the Level Quests are blurred, it means that they are not active.


The first thing that changes in the game after level 5, is that the points will unlock for you and you will enter our leaderbords.
The more active you are, the more points you will receive. You need to collect them to level up.
Mind that every next level will require more points than the previous.
There is a daily limit of points: 100 for typical users; 250 for gold members.
The daily limit doesn’t calculate neither the options of ‘More Points’ nor the ‘Bonus Quests’.
Next refill shows at what time your daily limit of points will be refreshed.

100 daily points
26 level
15 level

Buying a quest will add in ‘Your quests’ section some tasks to complete. When you do so, you will jump quite a lot of points ahead. You can choose between 4 quest options!

For example, for quest ‘Visit’, you pay 1, WINGS you complete the tasks and you win 75 points which are not calculated in the daily limit of points.

All of them have different tasks. See what are they like!


Buying a booster is as fast as 1 click action! Imagine: you move you mouse, select which booster you prefer and boom! You confirm it & have a lot more points!

Again there are 4 options available: for 50, 300, 700 & 1600 points with fixed WINGS prices.

Notice that some of the options give your points on portions. For example choosing the second option will bring you 60 points for 5 days.


Gold membership unlocks for you some website features not accessible for the typical users such as:

  • statistics for your media;
  • discount on buying WINGS;
  • getting voting power +10;
  • increasing your daily limit of points from 100 to 250;
  • having special marking of your media & your profile.

Become our special user!

Gold member

The Bonus Quests will appear as surprise to you. You need to complete the required tasks in order to get the award of the bonus quest.

The Bonus Quests are not fixed, they can appear any time. They bring the spice of excitement. The sand clock icon is there to show you when you get a Bonus Quest.

Gold member
Newbie Newbie
Level up to change your title:
Once upgraded, you would start getting more voting power

You would get the Olympic champion feeling thanks to our medals given for special achievements.
Also your media or your contest may receive special medals.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Make it on top of our leaderboards
So you would receive our lovely awards delivered to you straight from our office to your home!

  • Voting power
    Voting power

    Reach level 10 and get +1 voting power.
    And every next level will be +1 more.

  • v

    Complete some levels & you will get WINGS.
    Which levels? Surprise, surprise!

  • Gifts

    Be on top of some of our leaderboards!
    There will be product awards!