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The best camping knives are purpose wise entirely different from all other knives. This is one of the salient instruments on the top of any essential camping equipment. There are three important reasons which are applicable to carry good camping knife. First one is for protection and since most of the camp grounds are in the back countries, you will have to face any wild animals and snacks attacks unexpectedly and to protect yourself against these sudden attacks you have to keep this one. Second one is for cutting and you have to keep a good camp knife with you to cut vegetables, foods, branches to keep you warm etc., And thirdly, for digging a small area, you can use a sharp pointed camp knife.

There are so many top variety camp knives are available on the market.

“Kershaw Knives” are one of the best and every campers will like to have this one because of this is one of the important police equipment. These are not so expensive you can be done a job immediately and usefully with these knives. There are variety of models are available in the camp knives. Some of them will be in straight and some of them will be in folding type. You can choose and have with your camping gear as you like and feel so convenient.

Buck Knives are one of the familiar models and most of the hunters are using these variety and they are considered as pocket knifes also. In camp knives variety, a pocket knife is considered as most important one to keep personally or as camp knife. By making use of these pocket knives, you can make your situations so easy and it is very useful in saving your life during disastrous situations. In fact, since these are very handy and easy to handle it is very convenient to handle and to keep with you always.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife is another best one it is for the past one hundred years in usage and one of the useful pocket knives. Additionally, this is incorporated with a knife blade, tweezers, scissors etc., it is just two and half inches long and very handy to handle. This is one of an excellent buy.