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Choice of sports and markets
What all European bettors look at first - the soccer offer - is very consistent. Tanzania covers nine competitions: all series up to the seventh level, plus the FA Cup and the U23 Championship. But soccer betting is not limited to the most popular countries. In fact, we find more than 60 different countries on the calendar, some of which are really unusual for many competing sites, such as Singapore, Paraguay, Venezuela, Jordan, Honduras, etc.
A park of markets is also worth noting. Clicking on the event you are interested in, you will see all the possible types of bets. There are more than 250 markets available for pre-match soccer betting: from classics to numerous combinations and specialties. A serious bookmaker can also be recognized by the betting schedule it can offer its customers. In this area, the site of the 3 way handicap in swahili bookmaker's office is certainly not deprived of choice. In fact, on the operator's platform, you can find everything you need between major and non-major sports. Let's look at them together and try to understand what leagues, how many events and markets we have.
 Let's finish with the soccer topic and analyze the rest of the betting table, where we will find over 20 different sports. Besides the great classics like basketball, tennis, volleyball and field hockey, there are also motorsports, American soccer, rugby, alpine skiing, handball and baseball. And for those who want to be entertained by sports, the list also includes special bets on TV shows and awards.Finally, let's not forget about betting on horse racing and virtual sports: the few bookmakers with an ADM license offer them as well.

Live betting and streaming

The excellent pre-game offerings analyzed so far have not found an exact copy in the calendar of games. There are very few sports available for live betting: mostly soccer, basketball and tennis. Of course, this is not enough to compete with the fiercest rivals of the betting scene. You can bet on a hundred live events here every day, and you can find up to 70 markets on soccer matches.
Those who like to bet in real time, even on more specific sports, can check out the rich program. Another drawback is the streaming service. This means that if you were hoping to see the matches live, you will have to go to another bookmaker.

Multi Betting, Limits and Systems

Fans of multi and systems will find it very easy to bet this way on the operator's website. In fact, all you have to do is enter the events into the ticket and choose your preferred bet type right in the ticket settings on the left side. By selecting the system option, you will also be able to determine the amount for each combination, starting with 5, for single, double, triple, quadruple and so on.
The house sets minimum betting limits and maximum payouts for each type of bet. These limits are common to all betting shops operating in Tanzania and are set by ADM for its affiliates. The minimum betting limits are 2 TZS per single or multiple ticket. For system bets, the minimum limit is 0.05 TZS per column and 2 TZS per entire bet. The maximum payout limits are 10,000 TZS for single or multiple bets and 50,000 TZS for system bets. 
While this is not the strongest game in the book, the payouts calculated in our analysis were nevertheless stable. As you can see in the table below, the percentage of soccer bets exceeds 95%. Serie A and Spanish league matches have the highest payouts, which should please all betting fans. 
The payout tables of the main bookmakers with ADM license show that the pre-match payouts for other sports are also at a good level. Without going overboard, the bookmaker still manages to offer average payouts compared to other competitors, reaching 93% for basketball and tennis. Even the minimum averages we found were never too low.