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Our tools provide easy access to the latest and most accurate data on our entire product range. Intelligent and automated features will help you solve complex design tasks and speed up your design processes. The tools are based on the European MEP standards for building design (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing-mechanisms, power supply, pipelines) and are compatible with the most commonly used BIM software on the market.

  • Up-to-date information. Product Information Management Systems (PIM) integrated into all tools ensure timely updates of product data. 
  • Smart features. Automated functions simplify your daily work, improve design processes and quality. 
  • Convenience:All functions are designed with professional experience in mind, which makes the tools easy to use.


BIM-Services. First-class design. Reliable support.

Enjoy the benefits of working with our technical department, which has extensive experience in working with BIM projects, and provide the foundation for a successful project.

  • Expert scientific and technical knowledge. BIM Technical Department has extensive experience in designing heating, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 
  • Technical excellence. BIM specialists mep engineering will ensure that your project is executed with the highest quality and technical accuracy. 
  • Individual support. BIM services are personalized according to your requirements. We provide flexible support throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Save time. Our team accelerates the execution of design projects, solves complex design tasks, and helps you meet deadlines.