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The defense agencies of the USA are world-famous for their daredevil warriors, and armed and unarmed missions to conquer the evil all around the country. They hire, appoint and train the youth of the nation, intended to serve the nation by accomplishing high-action security missions.

It’s not so easy to train the dedicated youth assigned as security agents and gift the nation a savior who is all capable to save the life of its fellow countrymen. The agencies require all the tactical solutions, training tools, and training coaches to teach the warriors all stunts to give a mission-winning performance.

To acquire command over high-action defense missions, like diffusing a dreadful bomb, the newly assigned commandos of bomb squads are trained to diffuse it safely, without risking the lives of others as well as of their own. They all taught about the use of bomb suits and cutting tools to break the wires while diffusing the bomb.

The training personnel is equipped with ballistic shields, bomb suits, wire cutting tools, masks to avoid any smoke due to explosion, and much more tactical gear. Honoring the warriors, the leading EOD website, EOD Gear brings a one-stop solution to meet all the tactical needs of defense agencies at affordable prices.

There is a wide variety of dummy grenades, inert explosives, bomb squad suits, ballistic shields, and ballistic blankets, IED kits, from top brands. Moreover, the company also provides training specific to the needs of EOD and other defence operations. There are training courses for IED Electronics, IED Awareness for Law Enforcement, Arduino Circuit Building, Haemorrhage Control, etc.