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Before writing a term paper on mental retardation, it will be necessary for the student to fully learn what the term "mental retardation" means.  Though used as a general or uneducated term to describe any type of perceived mental handicap, mental retardation is, in fact, a specific condition used to refer to a person who presents with limited cognitive ability before adulthood and shows evidence of being limited in at least two adaptive behaviors.  (Adaptive behaviors are behaviors that allow a person to live and function safely in a normal environment.)  When writing a term paper on mental retardation, students may wish to entertain discussion on the term itself.  "Mental retardation" is often seen as a derogatory term and many prefer to use the term "intellectually challenged" as a way to describe an individual with this condition.

Term papers on mental retardation should certainly describe the signs and symptoms that parents and doctors might look for if they suspect a child may be mentally retarded.  Many children who are mentally retarded will not exhibit any outward signs, such as those who present with Down Syndrome, but will show delayed developmental skills and may exhibit a delay in developing oral language, memory, and/or problem solving.

In addition to describing symptoms, term papers on mental retardation should also cover the causes of mental retardation and the management of the condition.  In about one-third of cases, the cause of mental retardation is unknown.  Down Syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, genetic factors, problems during the pregnancy and malnutrition are causes that can be highlighted in the term paper on mental retardation.

Term papers on mental retardation may focus on management of the condition.  Since mental retardation is a disability rather than a disease, it cannot be cured or really even treated with medicine.  But people with intellectual disabilities can continue to learn throughout their lives.  Many government and religious agencies offer programs that help the mentally challenged person obtain their ultimate goal which is living independently.

When researching these various elements of a term paper on mental retardation, students should use reliable sources on mental retardation.  Additional help can be found by reading other papers on mental retardation from the write my paper, and papers on other medical conditions such as term papers on lyme disease, research papers on heart disease, and research papers on pressure ulcers.  Reading other papers will assist the student in the areas of style and content when writing his own term paper on mental retardation.

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