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Make Your Essays Brilliant with These 10 Practices ; Guide 2022


Many students despite years of exposure to academic essays fail to improve their essay writing. They usually falter in the expository and persuasive essays. It’s not usually due to their reasoning and critical thinking skills but mostly due to wrong essay practices. They have either garnered these practices over time like a bad habit, or they have been taught wrong.


Student such as these get frustrated and get to a point where they request other: ‘write my essay for me’. If only they could understand that with the right knowledge they are capable of writing high achieving essays. 

Always brainstorm

Every essay writer brainstorms and the high achieving ones brainstorm extensively. Being confident in your ability to think on the spot at times carry your essay content down with your essay. To get the creative juices flowing and to come up with unique ideas it is important that you either create mind maps, do listing or keep a journal. 

Make the outline

Once the brainstorming is done it will be easy to create an outline for your essay, using the flow and the linkages between the content.

The journey from the hook to the thesis statement

The hook should capture your audience within the first two sentences. Try to evoke emotions that are in the extremes of the spectrum: through the question, statement, fact, or a quote, you will make the reader concerned, shocked, excited, or curious about the topic at hand. 


The thesis should come after a few lines about the topic background. It should convey the claim or the main argument you are trying to talk for or against, in a concise and explicit manner.

Use the signposts well

The signposts are phrases and words that tell the reader about the direction the essay will take. The foremost signpost is the thesis guide that comes after the thesis statement. It tells the reader which arguments that the writer will discuss and argue upon. Topic sentences and the introduction of evidence is another signpost without which the reader will get lost. 

Deductive or Inductive logic

According to essay writing service, your body paragraphs should go either from general to the specific (claim to evidence) or from specific to general (evidence to claim). Using a single logic flow throughout the essay is a compulsion.

Don’t push the counterarguments under the rug

Counterarguments are your friends, they help you strengthen your main argument. Any counter that overpowers the main argument can be absorbed in the main thesis, thus making your essay counter proof. 

Transition well

The art of transition is not in the common transitioning words, rather it’s in the use of the flow of logic.

The end of a paragraph or the start of the new one should never be abrupt. The change of topic and ideas should always be smooth, such that the writing doesn’t feel like a list. 

Make full use of punctuations and style

The punctuation can be your friend in bringing variety to your sentences. For example, punctuations such ‘:’ and ‘—’ can be used to emphasize a point and lead to a statement. Compound and complex sentences will give a variety to your writing also.


Proofread and review

One of the most important parts of the essay that most people shrug off is the proofreading of text and reviewing the structure. Many hands in their essay immediately after writing, with little to no proofreading.  


Get feedback

You will never learn from your mistakes if you don’t know about them. The feedback can come from a peer reviewer or it can come from your instructor grading your essay. Discussing the mistakes and how to avoid them will help you perfect your essays.