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Different Essay Types that You Will Come Across

Essays serve to present to the readers the ideas and opinions about the subject at hand. These can be original ideas or they can be an analysis and evaluation of the existing ones. The essay writer depends on the type of academic writing involved in the essay: analytical, argumentative, descriptive, or critical. These writing types can take an essay on their own or combine with other types to provide a complete analysis of the subject.

There are many essay types that you will be asked to write throughout your school and college years. These can be divided into:

  1. Descriptive Essays
  2. Narrative Essays
  3. Expository essays 
  4. Persuasive essays

Each of these essay types can be further divided into many other essays.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essay writing service argue in favor of or against ideas and theories. These essays can present new ideas and solutions to a problem or regarding a subject. These ideas are then supported in the essay by evidence and examples. The strength of the argument depends on your strength of analysis and the use of authoritative evidence. 

Definition Essay

The definition essay, on its own, prompts the writer to explain and define a term or a concept through various points of view and techniques. Using this rhetorical writing, you can delve into the history of the term, talk about its connotations and denotation, use an analogy and negation, etc. to explain the subject to the reader.

Classification Essay

The classification essay allows you to divide a topic into its various categories. This write my essay allows you to analyze the main subject and identify its subtopics, while also revealing the relation between them. Each body paragraph talks about a different category or class. 

Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays prompt the reader to explore the causal relationships surrounding an event. The prompt for a cause and effect either asks you to discuss the causes that lead to an event, or it asks you to discuss the effects that came about as a result of an event.

Narrative Essay

Narrative essays allow you to demonstrate your creative writing abilities. The narrative essay reads like a short story. In the essay, you narrate an event in chronological order with the purpose of showing the reader how you dealt with a situation or how you resolved something. This essay follows a story arc: the rising action reaching up to the climax and winding down again to a solution.

Descriptive Essay

The descriptive essay prompts the reader to demonstrate their descriptive abilities. Here, you will be asked to describe a subject, which you will be using all the five senses. It is also important to use strong and vibrant vocabulary to help the reader picture the subject. 

Process essay

The process essay is a ‘how-to’ essay that breaks down a process to the reader. This process can be anything with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This online essay writer will be divided into several processing steps and will properly explain each step in detail. 

It is important to know the audience when writing this essay so that you can know the extent to which you need to simplify the process.

Compare and Contrast Essay

This expository essay allows you to compare the various subjects and explore the relationship between them. They can be subjects which are similar to each other or the opposite of that. The compare and contrast analysis will allow your reader to see the similarities and the differences between the subjects. However, for higher-level essays, this type of writing is used not as a standalone essay but as a part of various other essays.

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