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03 Apr.2021 00:00h
My wife and I are having financial problems
Dear Loveawake: My wife and I are having issues with our funds. I work full time and she is currently a stay at home mom. I work hard for my money and I guess I feel that once in a while I need to reward my hard work with material things. Most of the time my wife has a problem with me spending money on myself so we get into an argument. I can't stand arguing, so I started lying to her about what I do with the money I spend. The bills still do get paid and we are not struggling. But, I have gotten myself into a pattern of lying to her and it's gotten out of hand. We do not want a divorce but my problem is wearing on our relationship. Please give me all the advice you can offer. - Edward

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Dear Edward: You mentioned that you work hard for your money. I think a more accurate statement would be that, "We both work hard for the money that is being made." Being a full time mom is just as "hard" as working outside of the home. As for your problem, I teach that the only reason a person ever lies is because they don't want to get into trouble or they don't want to hurt their mate. The reason you are not telling your wife the truth is because you don't want either of those things to happen. You obviously love your wife and don't want to see her disappointed in you. However, I believe that the truth shall set you free and keeping secrets from each other, little by little, erodes a marriage. Every couple needs to learn how to appreciate each other's differences and come to a compromise in every area of their life together. Right now your challenge is what to do with your paycheck after the bills are paid.

I know that opposite personalities are always attracted to each other. Someone who spends money, falls in love with someone who saves for that rainy day. Both of you can come to a compromise only when you truly understand that neither person is right or wrong, but just different. The fact that you are a spender means that you are probably a more spontaneous person who enjoys living the good life. I'm sure that you believe in the motto, "You only go around once, so you might as well enjoy yourself." You seek immediate gratification and get more pleasure in the here and now, rather than what can occur in the future. If your wife is a saver, she is more responsible, dependable and cautious in most areas of her life. She is not a person who will give into reckless abandon or wild excess. She's conservative and plans her life carefully. She probably gets more pleasure out of balancing the checkbook than spending your next paycheck.

By sharing her life with you, your wife can eventually learn that it's okay to do something impulsive and allow yourself to be spontaneous and splurge every once in a while. When she sees something she really likes, she can indulge herself and buy it. She'll come to understand that she's worth it! Although you may be paying off some things monthly, you will still be young and healthy enough to enjoy and appreciate your purchase.

By you sharing your life with a saver, you will learn that it is important to plan for late-in-life security when your working ability may be diminished. Being able to live within your means and steadily put money into an investment account, begins the process of building wealth. You will become more disciplined and develop more foresight. You'll avoid making too many impulsive decisions that you may regret later on.

I think that it would do you a world of good to set up an appointment with a financial planner and see in black and white how much disposable income you really have. Agree that a portion of that money will go towards savings and the other will be divided between the two of you to spend anyway you want. - Loveawake

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