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21 Aug.2020 00:00h
Cherry Picking For Dating Tips
A lot of guys don’t have a basic framework in play for how to accomplish their goals with women. When they seek out dating advice, they’ll try to “Bruce Lee” it by taking in everything, keeping what they like and rejecting what they don’t like – we call this “cherry picking.” Their cherry-picking tends to lead to lots of what we like to call ‘clean-up cases:’ messed up situations that wouldn’t have even occurred had they been following an effective system, and problems that are really difficult to assist the guy in resolving because he’s made so many errors earlier on. Heck, some guys aren’t even clear on what their actual goals are with women, much less a framework on how to achieve them. Once we have guys following a framework, checking off the steps as they go along, it’s easy for them to understand and deal with pretty much everything that comes their way when it comes to the enjoying the women in their lives. Guys who can handle the basic challenges of life with a positive attitude cease to be confused by the ways and wiles of women and start actually enjoying the entire dating process.

Advantages Of A Dating System

That, to me, is the advantage of having a system. Systems allow measurement. Measurement allows consistent analysis. Consistent analysis allows for changes to be made and then measured. And we cycle through again and again as we improve performance. Athletes use systematic training, artists too. Salespeople, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, pilots, pretty much every profession. Even the hamburger flippers at MickyDs follow the company’s system. It allows for consistent and measurable results. Cherry picking tends to make a hash of things when people are starting out in their fields of interest. By system, I don’t mean one that is completely closed-off and rigid – simply one that explains how an arc occurs, what to expect, and how to deal with as many contingencies as that particular system recognizes. Bruce Lee was a genius at ‘cherry-picking’ things that worked for him and discarding what didn’t. He was really against ‘forms’ and ‘set patterns’ of fighting. What a lot of people forget (don’t know?) is that Lee studied Wing Chun formally under Master Yip Man for 5 years – learning a very precise and set martial art. He built a very firm base of comprehensive knowledge of an excellent fighting form and AFTER THOSE FIVE YEARS adapted and adopted techniques from other disciplines that worked better for his uniques strengths (speed, flexibility, etc.) and weaknesses (height, weight, etc.). For guys who haven’t mastered this whole women n’ dating thang, a comprehensive system that has a proven track record can shave years off their learning curve and remove a whole heap of frustration and confusion.

Drawbacks Of Cherry Picking

Guys who cherry-pick get less than optimal results. That, and when things invariably go south, guys who are running their own ‘hybrid’/Jeet Kune Do haven’t a clue where and why things went wrong so correcting their mistakes becomes pretty much impossible. We do NOT teach hodge-podge of clever strategies and techniques designed to manipulate girls into liking you. Not at all – Loveawake have a complete dating / relating program that, when run competently, makes it easy for guys to finally have the advantage in all their interactions with women.A