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How do I create a Flower using Little Alchemy
There are four steps to making a Flower starting from scratch .
It is possible to begin from Step 1 if beginning your journey with Little Alchemy. If you've made some of the things in these steps then you can start from wherever you are on Your Little Alchemy journey.
1. Air and Water = Rain
2. Rain and Earth = Plant
3. Plant and Plant = Garden
4. Garden and Plant = Flower
There you go. Simples.
If you're not familiar with the sport and want more information or talking to someone else who's just getting started journey, we'll go into more details below that may help.

The next sections will walk you in greater depth if you need it. When the elements that are covered in this guideline were earlier created and then posted prior to we'll link them by section to the post , and you can access them on different tabs.
If all the details are offered or a mixture of links and details have been provided, you'll be provided with step-by-step instructions of the process for creating each item, along including screenshots of each step.
How do I create HTML0? Plant with Little Alchemy
The next step to create Flower within Little Alchemy is to create Plant.
Click the link to find out more about How to make Plant in Little Alchemy The next step of making a Plant Making Garden.
How to create a Garden in Little Alchemy
If you're already playing:
Step 1 Step 1:Select PLANTfrom the Elements panel and place it on the playing board
Step 2. Step 2 - Choose PLANTfrom the Elements panel and drop it onto PLANT PLANT that you previously placed on the playing board during step 1. Moving on to the final step of making a Flower.

How to create flower with Little Alchemy
If you're already playing:
Step 1 Step 1 -Select GARDEN from the Elements panel and drag it onto the playing board.
Second step Step 2 - Choose PLANT from the Elements panel and drop it onto the GARDEN that was already put on the playing board in step 1.
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