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VOUBS is proudly developed by Famozzo Group.

Beta Voubs has finally started with a new era of online contests which are officially released on its website. This is now a new way of getting in touch with various platforms and social networks. At the same time, they benefit from a particular goal of enjoying this special offer. Beta Voubs assures that there will be many different exciting events to expect online.
This website has been developed by European startup company and it turned out to a site platform connecting different people and various brands through awards and contests online. VOUBS has been a blue ocean strategy and it is a combination of several features between video sharing platforms, contest engine software and social networks. It goes beyond being a website, rather, it is a perfect dwelling place for individuals who want to show what they got. There will be amazing rewards and surprises waiting for the participants. All they need is to visit the site and understand the given instructions.
VOUBS has been live in BETA version since March 2015. In the present, it already has over 7000 registered active users and over 3000 participants in the first six contests.
Beta VOUBS encourages everybody to participate in this wonderful online event and gain profit for online content. They do not have to share it with their friends, but with VOUBS and win the contests. This is the perfect spot for fun and excitement while gaining profit at the same time.
VOUBS is a website designed to serve as the home of people who love to take photos or videos and gain profit. Today, it is the dwelling place of photographers from different parts of Europe. It has made partnership with different groups and companies.