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How international relations are studied at HSE

Our graduate Mariana Ponomareva spoke about her studies in the specialty "International Trade", about the difficulties of studying at the Faculty of International Relations of the Higher School of Economics, the study of foreign languages ​​and prospects after graduation.

Mariana , tell us where you came from, how old are you?

I am from Kiev, I am 19 years old, I study at the Higher School of Economics in Prague, majoring in International Trade at the Faculty of International Relations

Tell us why you came to the Czech Republic?

This is a very difficult question, because I have chosen from many countries. At first I wanted to go to Canada or America. More precisely, my parents persuaded me to get an education abroad. I realized that studying in Canada or America would be too difficult for me, because I was far from home. I went to various exhibitions of universities and realized that I like the Czech Republic, I went there with my family on a tourist trip. And this is close to Ukraine. I was also interested in the university - the Higher School of Economics. I read a lot about HSE, the Faculty of International Relations itself interested me, because in Ukraine I also wanted to enter international relations.

You have come to courses. How did you find out about them?

I was at a presentation in Kiev and I was interested in the school. Then I looked at the site, I was attracted by the good design. Therefore, I chose .

Are you satisfied with the level of training?

I liked the way Czech was taught. We had a very good teacher and I also liked economic Czech.

After completing the courses, in order to enter the HSE, you recognized your high school diploma directly at the HSE. Can you tell us more?

I didn’t pass the nostrification at the Prague gymnasium. This is one of the most difficult gymnasiums, and I did not pass the fourth exam. I had to look for some options, it was in the year when I took the exam that the HSE introduced internal recognition of the certificate. It was only necessary to collect a special package of documents. Everything is described on the site.

That is, you did not take the exams, but just brought a package of documents?

Yes, I needed, as far as I remember, a certificate and some other documents that I asked my parents in Ukraine, and that's it.

Mariana with classmates during her studies at our courses
Mariana with classmates during her studies at our courses

Tell us about the HSE entrance exams.

Apart from Czech, I had three exams - mathematics, English and French. As a second language, one could choose French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian. I chose French. I was very helped in the exams, as well as the fact that I studied well in college. She studied the material well, did all the homework she received. Only occasionally did I apply for essay service reviews https://azwritingreviews.com/. After all, if you often turn to essay services, the effectiveness of training decreases. Although homework services are very popular with students. grademiners service is now one of the most popular essay services. He is approached by many students.

As a Russian speaker, can you take Russian?

Yes. I chose French, but it was possible to take Russian if you didn't have Russian at school, as I did. If you are from Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan, you can take Russian. But applicants from Russia definitely cannot take Russian as a second foreign language, unfortunately.

Tell us what the difficulty level is for each exam.

English B2, I think, is a normal level for everyone. If you did well in school, then everything will be fine.

How did you learn French?

French is a complicated story. I had it in 10-11 grade, I also studied French in depth in Prague since February. In fact, passing the entrance exam is not so difficult, but then learning French at HSE is difficult, because in a group with you there are people who either studied at a gymnasium with a French bias, or, for example, lived in France.

What about mathematics?

If you are a humanitarian, then I would say that this specialty is not entirely for you, because at our Faculty of International Relations we have the same level of mathematics as at other faculties of the HSE. We have statistics, accounting and computer science. Such subjects will be difficult to learn if you are a humanities student.