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Viruses are deployed by geneticists for introduction of genes into cells which are being studied and also act as a common carrier vehicle in gene therapy. It is expected that nanotechnology would give a new direction to virus technology and if seen from the materials scientists’ VPN Master by VeePN , viruses can be termed as organic nanoparticles.
Since viruses are being commonly used in materials sciences therefore techniques developed by life sciences has become a basis for engineering approaches towards nanomaterials . Institute of Medical Physics professor, Donath and Martin Fischlechner who is an author are reviewing the emerging uses of viruses as building blocks in nanotechnology.
In the words of Martin Fischlechner: Nanotechnology researchers of UC Berkeley have been successful in trapping molecules between sheets of gold and ultrafine gold tip of scanning tunneling microscope. The gold surface was heated and measured with the aid of microscopic tip. This showed that organic molecules could be used for generating electricity from heat. The research is still in the initial stages and a lot of work remains to be done in this aspect.