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An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a designated support pet that allows its companions to feel calm and relaxed and to control their mental disabilities. Dogs are one of the most common ESAs, thanks to their affectionate and loving temperament as well as their trainability. A prospective ESA owner can get a dog as a support animal, through an ESA letter for the dog as prescribed by a licensed mental health specialist.

The ESA owner is entitled to the various provisions under federal law. Provisions that include traveling by air with their support animal in the passenger cabin, and living with their pet animal in a rental apartment despite the ‘no-pet; policies. To avail of such perks and to allow yourself a good ESA experience, you should train your dog to be obedient to your commands, especially in social spaces. 
There are various commands that you can train your dog with, each one intended for different things. Some of the useful command types are:

  • Recall

The recall command serves as a very useful command that allows hypoallergenic dogs to come back running to you. Make sure that you use this command in terms of emergencies. This can help your dog be safe especially if it goes off the leash and puts itself in danger. Training your dog to come back running to you using a sharp recall command can save it from running into traffic or into a body of water, etc.

  • Look

The look command can be given with the word ‘look’. This command is intended to train your dog to ignore the surrounding situation or action and concentrate on the owner. This can come in handy in a social situation or when there are other pets around that might cause discomfort in your pet. The look command can also be used to get the attention of the dog to train it for other things.

  • Stay

‘Stay’ command can be beneficial for various situations such as social situations or while living at home. Training your dog to stay put on cue can allow you to have your dog patiently wait for you while you do your work. It can also help you to stop your dog from running into crowded places or dangerous situations. 

  • Come here

The ‘come here’ command allows you to make the various pet Dog breeds come to you in various situations. This can be in the situations of need when your pet gets out of the leash or if it runs outside. You can also use it to hail your dog to come back to the house or to call him up for a walk or an activity. Make sure that you use treats and positive affirmation when you train your dog on this command. 

  • With me

Almost every dog needs a daily walk. An obedient dog makes for an amazing outdoor companion. The ‘with me’ command is intended to correct your dog during the outdoor walks. Dogs have a tendency to pull on their dog leash and force their owners in the direction they want to go. When this happens, it is useful to use this command such that the pet quickly falls back into its position, and allows you to have an enjoyable walk without the taut leash. If you are accustomed to leaving your dog off-leash then this means that your dog will not go far from you. A Martingale dog collar serves positive training to your dog.

  • Leave it

The ‘leave it’ should be a snappy command that catches the attention of your pet instantly. This is to stop your pet from doing something before it comments on it. This can be getting it away from a fragile object or something that is harmful.
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