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5 Reasons to Participate in VIPA 2016 View blogs
  • December 9, 2016
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VIPA 2016 is the biggest contest that VOUBS — the online contest hub — has organized so far. The reason for this is not just the huge cash awards that we are giving away this year (41 000€ total), but also the international jury that will evaluate the participating photos, the different categories and the international awareness that VIPA 2016 has already gained.

If this doesn’t motivate you to participate in the contest, read the entire article and learn about the top 5 reasons to participate in VIPA 2016.

1. Being evaluated by a jury of successful, international photographers.

VIPA 2016’s jury include some of the most prolific and recognized photographers from all over the world. Some of the names that you will find in our list are: Beliy Den from Russia, Destin Sparks from Australia, Eric Nathan from South Africa, Joao Morgado from Portugal, and few more talented photographers with dozens awards in their portfolios. You will get the chance your photos to be evaluated by professionals and to get a feedback from the people who do masterpieces with their cameras.

2. Stunning cash awards and the golden VOUBS statue.

Like we mentioned above, VIPA 2016 is the contest with the biggest award that VOUBS has organized so far.

There are 6 categories, with 6000€ cash awards per each.

The best photographer in each category gets 2000€ in cash, and the awards for the rest of the photos in the top 5 are:

• 2nd place - 1500€

• 3rd place - 1000€

• 4th place - 800€

• 5th place - 700€

Here is the place to mention our biggest prize for the Photographer of the year5000€ in cash plus the statue of the Golden VOUBS. The statue has the shape of a Pegasus and is entirely covered with gold. The award will be given to the best among you and the winner will be pronounced as the Best Photographer of the year!

3. Being recognized as a skillful and talented photographer.

Taking part in VIPA 2016 with your own photo, you have a chance to win one of the awards that we told you about, and your name to be seen by thousands of people around the world. All the efforts you have put behind the camera will be well rewarded and your skills of seizing the moment and taking an outstanding photo will be evaluated on an international level. You will be recognized as a skillful and talented photographer and who knows — you might get an offer to shoot the next big even in your city!

4. Chance to take new opportunities and launch a career in photography.

Just think about it — you enter our contest and manage to land at a top position in one of the 6 categories. There is no way your work to remain unnoticed by magazines, newspapers, blogs or people who need the services of a good photographer. VIPA 2016 is not just a photography contest. It’s an opportunity for a career in one of the most exciting and thrilling areas of art — photography. So join the contest now and if you got what it needs — you might land a new and exciting job.

5. Complex voting to evaluate your photos objectively.

Probably you are worried that your photos will be evaluated by professionals. Well, it’s time for you to calm down a little bit and tell you more about the way your photos will be rated. The final evaluation for each photo is 75% formed by the jury’s votes and the other 25% would come from the votes of VOUBS’s members. Which means that you have a chance to conquer not just the professional photographers, but also to gather some votes from non-professional artists.

There is still a chance to become our next Photographer of the year or to get some of our amazing cash awards. Join VIPA 2016 here: https://www.voubs.com/vipa2016

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