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5 reasons to participate in VOUBS’s contests View blogs
  • December 19, 2016
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VOUBS is the place where you can always find some attractive contests to take part in, regardless your age, the level of your skills or the country you are currently living in. That is the reason why we named it the contest hub — because we wanted to create an online platform for independent contests where anybody could join and have fun. And with the growing database with more than 75,000 members from all around the world, we are sure we are on the right track.

If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering why VOUBS? Why should I join VOUBS or why should I take part in some of the contest you are organizing? Or you might be saying to yourself, “OK, I just registered but still don’t know what to do.” Well, we are here to answer your questions, so read the entire article and after you are done — go to our contests section and take part in some of our active contests.

5 reasons to participate in VOUBS’s contests:

1. Great awards

All of VOUBS’s contests have an award for those who perform best. Sometimes we reward the winners with cash (up to 5000 euro!), while other times we give them WINGS. We are sure that you are pretty familiar with what money is and how to use it, but if still don’t know anything about WINGS — read our article on it and learn about the different ways you can use our virtual currency.

2. Chance to prove your skills

Probably you are an aspiring photographer, graphic designer, painter, or just an art person who is striving to prove their talents but don’t have the chance to do it. VOUBS’s contests are a great way to prove your skills and develop your talents, especially if you are young and don’t have much experience or trophies in your portfolio. But if you are a well-known artist with years of experience and dozens awards on the shelf, then probably it’s time for you to consider elevating your talent to an international level.

3. International awareness

Besides the idea for independent contests, we wanted our platform to be international. Our goal was to have people from all over the world who are taking part or organizing a contest at VOUBS and since the beginning, we haven’t stopped working on that. Winning a contest at VOUBS would mean that your media will be seen by thousands of people around the world, including people who are looking to buy photos or stalking the internet for some new and emerging talent. And who knows — VOUBS might be your chance for becoming the next successful, international artist.

4. It’s fun and easy

At VOUBS, you don’t have to follow all the strict rules and conditions that most contests have. All you have to do is to log into your profile, choose a contest and submit your media. And after the voting is done, you might have earned some extra cash just by practicing your favorite hobby or while you had fun behind the camera, filming your friends and family.

5. Being part from a community

Besides all the “material” stuff like winning awards and gaining fame, taking part in VOUBS’s contests means joining the VOUBS’s community. This is a chance for you to contact people who share the same interests as yours, to receive some feedback for your media, to meet new friends, even to acquire business contacts. Don’t miss this chance! Join VOUBS and take part in our amazing contests now!

See the active contests here: https://www.voubs.com/online-contests/active

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