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Voubs help center

I. Go to your contest
Easiest way to go you your contest is to click on the ‘Contest’ icon.
It is on the same line as the wallet and profile picture.
Then you need to select the first tab: ‘created’. You will see all of your contest listed there. On the next tab you will the the contests in which you are jury, the last tab - where you have joined.

II. Manage as organizer
As organizer you might need to edit the contest.
Open your contest page -> Click ‘Options’ -> From the Drop-down menu select ‘Edit Contest’. You will have to go through all the steps of the contest and correct the necessary info.
Remember to do the corrections needed before the start of the contest! Once the contest has started you can only change the description, add media types & add jury members

III. Manage as administrator
As administrator you need to accept/ decline the media which participants submit.
Go to the contest -> Click ‘Options’ -> From the Drop-down menu select ‘Entries Management’.
On the left menu you will see list of your contests grouped depending if they are open for registration, coming soon or completed.
In the middle, you will have ‘Media Index’.
To see a preview of the media -> Click on the thumbnail image.
To accept/ decline a media -> Put the pointer on the media’s thumbnail & click accept/ decline from the menu that will appear.

IV. Manage as jury
Don’t forget to vote if you are jury member.
Go to your contest -> Select entries -> Go through all the entries and give your vote

V. Manage the end of the contest
You have nothing to worry about. Awards will be automatically paid. But if your contest doesn’t have 20 or more entries, it might be either extended or cancelled by VOUBS administrator.

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