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Voubs help center

I.Entry Fee
Point out if there will be any entry in order to join your contest. Select between:
Free - no entry fee for your contest
Paid - then you need to write in the field that will appear with how many WINGS (our virtual currency). If the award that you will give, will depend on the number of entry fees, this you need to fill in on Step 4 of contest creation.

II. Contest language
Choose an option between:

III. Availability
Region - Choose for which region your contest will be active. If you prefer it to be worldwide - keep the default option ‘All’
Gender - If the contest will be open only for men, select the ‘male’ option, for women - ‘female’. If both - keep the default option ‘All’.
Level - VOUBS users develop and level up after performance on the platform. If you prefer your contest to be for advanced VOUBS users, fill in number of the level that the person needs to be in order to take part. If you don’t have preference, keep the default ‘0’.
Max participants - select the how many people are allowed to take part in your contest
Max entries per participants - select limitation how many media one person can upload

IV. Language tab
Depending on the languages that you chose on Step 1, p.II, you will see tab or tabs. If you have selected both languages, the tabs will be 2. The active one has yellow line on it. By clicking on the other, you will switch and be able to fill in the other data.
Then you need to go through the following info:
Title - the name of the contest with max of 70 symbols;
Contest purpose - select from the options whether this contest is meant only for fun or any other aim;
Description - You need to present your contest topic with at least 200 symbols;
Main cover image - Upload cover for your contest. Max size: 2 MB of file formats: *jpg, *png, *gif. Recommended size 1920px x 600px with few or no text;
General rules - read VOUBS global rules for participants so you can add anything if you need at the next field;
Additional rules - optional field if you have specific rules. Don’t forget to fill them in 2 languages if you are working on both as it is the last thing you need to fill in both in English & Bulgarian.

V. Basic info final data
Allowed file types - tick which type of media users can upload
Expertise - select if your contest is meant for amateur, professional or anybody
Contest category - select from the 32 options if your contest is photography, painting, graphic design, etc.
Contest subcategory - here you can choose a few subcategories which will help the users select easier if the contest is for them or not.
Target community - select if you mostly wish participants from our photographers/ interior designers/ … community and we will take care your contest to be presented to them.
Sponsors - if your contest has any sponsors, you can include their name, upload their logo with recommended size of 200px x 200px and insert a link to their website
The ‘Add new’ option allows you to show all the sponsors

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