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Voubs help center

I. Contest Owner
You will be published on the contest page as the person who creates the contest. That’s why you see your profile picture here

II. Contest Admin
You will be the admin of your contest.  You need to accept or reject the media uploaded.
If you expect a lot of media, it might be a good idea to add another Admin to help you. To do so: click on add administrator and then start writing the name of another VOUBS registered user. Then select the right person from the proposed to you.
Administrator rules are the rules to accept media that the admins need to follow. You can fill in the first by clicking on the ‘add new’. Filling in this info is optional.

III. Jury members
At this part of contest creation, you need to select:
The number of the jury members who will judge; if there will be no juries - select 0 from the drop-down menu
The jury members by clicking on the question mark and writing his name. You need to select the right person from those proposed to you.

IV. Ambassadors
A person well-known in the community or well-acquainted to the topic of your contest can be the ambassador of your contest. Select an influencer to popularize and be the face of your contest campaign.
The way to select is still the same like for administrator and jury - start typing the name and click on the right person.

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